Why Your Startup Will Fail In Zambia

Learn Why Your Startup Will Fail In Zambia and what you need to know and prevent your startup from failing in Zambia

Lessons I’ve learned to differentiate my business from competitors in a crowded market in Zambia

Nowadays, a brand new, single business idea or a new startup can not be started in Zambia. Odds are one or many out there already. It sounds more commoditized than ever, like almost everything you see on the market.

I believe the increase in market demand for better, cheaper and quicker deliveries could be the reason for this.

At a monthly fixed fee, my startup offers continuous, unlimited graphic design service. Graphic design is not new, and many designers offer retainer services.

Actually, in a crowded market I was trying to start another of the same. The world knows them, why would they have come to me? Thinking about 99Designs, Freelancer.com, Upwork and FiverR.

It had been a beginning, but in its fourth year it only gained traction. It was for a number of reasons. As a startup founder should, I did not do marketing so quickly. Only referrals did I rely on. There was a lack of sales because of poor business decisions and poor performance.

These were all caused by a fundamental problem. In other words, I couldn’t distinguish my brand from the others. It is high time you figured why customers should choose another person if you are in a similar situation and struggle to get off.

That is what I have learned to distinguish my business in a crowded market from competitors.

You Don’t Have to Be First in Zambia to start a startup

While it may give you a competitive advantage to be the first mover or the first to market, nobody is concerned whether what you sell is the first one in the world. Therefore, you don’t have to die trying to think about something you haven’t done before.

The first companies that are seen on the market are not Apple, Facebook, Zoom, Flywheel, WP Engine, WP Buff, Hoth and many more. Indeed, not being the first one gives your industry the opportunity to fill in gaps and unchartered areas to improve the first drivers ‘experience.

“It costs approximately 60% to 75% less to replicate a product than it costs to create a new product.” — Investopedia

A great product is great, but I have achieved success by distinguishing myself not so much by the product I have sold. My services or products are only a crossroads for saving time and health between my customers.

Thousands of delicious pizzas are available, yet Domino’s a brand I’ll make if I’m going to order pizza. There are thousands of cafés in town, but when I need a cappuccino, I look for Starbucks. They’re not the first, but they either give me what I want, or give me something faster than others.

Know Why They Buy the product in Zambia

As service providers, we must know what our customers have experienced before they arrive. We must also learn what they wanted to do by choosing to work with us.

My clients can come to me for design services, but they don’t want design at all. The truth is. You are requesting design, branding or graphics, since these are the common terms. Sometimes, most of them don’t even know what they want and we as service providers are responsible for testing it.

“People don’t buy drills but they buy holes,” Zig Ziglar says. “Customers want to feel connected with their communities. In the case of graphic design, the feeling of the work is that it bridges the audience with their messages. You want to build confidence with your own customers.

So I’d say that people don’t buy colors, fonts or graphics when it comes to design. You’re not purchasing a site, a logo, or a poster. You buy a deal.

You need to Stop Focusing on Operating Costs in Zambia as a startup

My startup hasn’t had a chance for three years. I concentrated on trying to reduce operational costs in order to remain floated for a lot of time and energy. However, the company did not increase, and I was broken.

I decided to change things because I knew something wasn’t right. I was above all else, and I began to think less about my business losses and focused on giving them more value.

Footballing on costs wronged me because recruitment naturally results in higher operating costs. All design work myself. Instead, the shift in focus towards customers has led me to learn that in less than three days they want us to deliver art to them. They don’t find it worth more than three days to register for our service.

There was no way I could deliver artwork to them all in three days with five regular clients in the early days. So, despite an increase in operating costs, I hired our first designer. Our supply speed has been up to 24 hours. We managed sometimes to deliver on the same day.

Satisfaction with customers has shot up. Many customers have since returned to us. As part of our difference factor from other competitors, we have been able to baker these results in our design processes.

As a startup, Choose Only One Thing to Be Unique in Zambia

One or more features and benefits can be covered by your service or product. You simply have to choose one from so many features which serves your customers best, depending on your opinion.

I promise the following list to my customers:

  1. Maximum three-day delivery in Zambia
  2. Conversion-focused designs
  3. World-class customer service
  4. Quality check by senior designer
  5. Affordable
  6. Unlimited 30-day money-back guarantee

The list may continue, but this is the top of my list. Of these six benefits, I have chosen our unique differentiator for 30 days of money back guarantee.

It must not be exciting to start with for all of your prospects. It just needs to be something you want to have a group on your target market. I chose, therefore, not seven days, not 14 days for 30 days of unlimited free design services.

Suddenly, the term unlimited does not sound boring with graphic design. This is the only thing that people have come to us since then. It is our marketing asset for murderers now.

It can be a fight to have a single item from a long list of features. However, this is important, because you also have many of the same things to choose from in a crowded market.

When you show that you can do one thing and do it really well, it is when your offer becomes unwavering and you can not ignore your target audience.

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