Why Using Nulled WordPress Themes Is A Bad Idea

Why is it that many people do not want to use nulled themes in their website? I will answer this question with another question: Why is it that some people would use such themes in their websites and some would not even think of doing that? The simple answer here is: “Nulled themes are ugly”. But let’s explore the reasoning behind this claim. When we say “ugly”, we are talking about the “lack of personality” in the theme.

There are many people who are using default themes for their websites. Such people would always prefer to personalize their website. This includes putting their own images, their own texts and having their own code which they can change whenever they want. They would be very content with such a theme. But the problem arises when people would use filled fonts, bullet images and nulled buttons or commands. They would seem as if they have no personality at all because everything would be just like an image out of a video.

There are many more reasons why people would like to personalize their website. They would like to use their own special colors, their own custom logos and the likes. But there comes a time when people simply overdo it and end up making their site look like every other website out there. All their links would be links to other sites. Their CSS would be different than other people’s CSS. And the list goes on.

What people need to remember here is that these things are not what makes a site unique. These things do not make a site attractive or interesting or even pleasing to the eye. So when you choose to use default themes in your site, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is something that you can leave to the experts. Think again. You are the expert.

Using default themes is also very limiting in terms of the types of themes that you can use. Sure, you may be able to get by with using some basic WordPress template types, but what if you want something more unique? How are you going to be able to make your own template types without using null? Aren’t you supposed to be a pro?

The only way for people to truly customize their sites is by using their own templates. This is true whether you want to make a personal blog or a corporate website. This also holds true whether you want to use a professional template or a template that you downloaded from the Internet. Why is this? There is a very simple answer to this question and it has nothing to do with how complicated WordPress is.

WordPress is primarily a content management system. If someone were to go about using a template, they would be missing out on all of the options that are built into the system. This includes not only the ability to change the look of the template, but also the ability to change the code that powers it. If you were to do this, people could argue that you are making changes to your site “illegally” and that you are breaking the law.

This may seem like a huge concern when using WordPress, but this is completely valid. Just because you can use pre-made templates does not mean that you should. Why using nulled WordPress themes is a bad idea is because you have to either learn to build your own template or learn how to edit existing ones to change the look and code.

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