What You Need To Know About The Triangle Visa And Mastercard Rewards Program

For every dollar you spend in Canadian Tire with the triangle logo, you will pocket 4 cents back in Canadian Tire money. There is no annual maximum earn out rate, so you can keep on earning 4 cents through the year, no matter how much you actually spend in the retail store. This promotional offer from Canadian Tire works great for their customers who need extra spending cash. Even better, Canadians who use their cards regularly and do not incur excessive spending can benefit from this special offer too.

The basic income requirement is a Canadian citizen and their age. Also required is proof of income from other sources such as disability income, employment income or monthly child support payments. With the Triangle Mastercard you can have the money added to your account any time you like. This means you can use the special offer when you need to.

The beauty of the Triangle Mastercard is that it has no annual fee or balance transfer fees. Also, there is no credit card charges. Each quarter, you can choose one of their participating Canadian Tire partner stores to redeem your reward points. When you redeem your points, they are simply returned to your account. So you will not incur any additional interest or monthly fees. In addition, the program offers no blackout dates, no expiration date and no early redemption fees.

This special offer from Canadian Tire is also good for consumers who like to shop online. What makes this card an excellent option is that they offer virtually everything including gas, groceries, clothes, entertainment, housewares and many other items. The offer even provides consumers with almost everything they could ever need. And that almost everything comes at practically no extra cost. You will pay nothing extra or interest for the privilege of shopping at any of the participating retailers. If you carry a credit card and pay full price every month to maintain it, then you can definitely benefit from the nearly free retailer offers.

The Triangle Mastercard also offers the benefits of rebate seasons. Retailers that participate in the program will regularly give their members rebates on eligible purchases including gas, groceries, apparel, movie tickets, toys and the like. That’s right – you can earn cash back just for shopping at these participating retailers. No annual fee, no blackout dates, no early redemption fees and no annual fees.

How do you qualify for the Triangle Visa or Mastercard Rewards card? A person or business that has a Canadian address and pays regular taxes will qualify. Also, a resident of the United States, Canada and Ireland is eligible. Businesses with sales of $1000 or more each year will earn high rewards. However, new users and those with a low balance transfer balance will earn low rates.

The Triangle Visa and Mastercard Rewards card are issued by American Express, which is also one of the most popular credit card companies. If you already have an American Express card, visit their website to find out more information about the different rewards offered as well as terms and conditions. With the Triangle Visa or Mastercard Rewards card, you will get not only cash back but also bonus airline miles, points towards dining, cash back when shopping at over 500 participating retailers and much more. There are no annual fees and no blackout dates either.

How does one earn the Triangle Visa and Mastercard Rewards card? When you shop at participating retailers using your credit card, make sure to bring your receipts to the register and present them with the credit card information. As you earn points, you can use them for airline miles. To learn more about the Triangle Visa and Mastercard Rewards program, register for a free account today.

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