What is web hosting in Zambia

Learn more what web hosting is and how it works and web hosting companies in Zambia. Websites once considered a luxury, are an absolute must for any company or individual wishing to influence online. And you’ll need more than just the tools to create your own website, you’ll need to put it in some place. Fortunately, you can easily and affordably access your website live via web hosting providers.

It should be remembered that getting a website online takes more than just an affordable and designed budget, whether you are a experienced veteran or a wide eyes-eyed rookie. There must also be a web hosting provider, who can supply your website to numerous users.

Read our full Web hosting guide if you don’t know what it is, how it works, or–importantly–how much it costs.

What Is Web Hosting in Zambia?

In other words, web hosting is the storage onto a remote server of all your website data. It has to “live” somewhere after you have designed and constructed a site, to exist on the internet. Web hosts are provided here–after all, if you had no house to host you wouldn’t buy a TV and you couldn’t start a website without a server that would host it.

Although some website builders offer web hosting (we talk about later) within their price plans, getting a stand-alone web server hosting provider has a range of advantages. You can use everything from lower prices and improved speeds to easy scalability and secure servers, depending on which type of hosting plan you are set up with.

You can expect to be paid on a monthly basis for the cost of these Web hosting providers. The prices range from the provider to the provider and plan to plan, meaning that it is vital to make the correct choice by identifying exactly what you need from the web hosting provider. There are simple hosting plans you can spend anywhere from $2 to $10 per month, while heavy business plans on dedicated servers can run on you as many as a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars a month.

Web Hosting Providers and Plans in Zambia

Some helpful web hosting providers provide you with the technical support you need to run your website without breaking the bank. See a few of the best web hosting providers below and read some of their features and price plans for a basic comparison.

You will find that every brand has many plans to offer everything from a basic hosting to a company level at different prices, in addition to the variety of providers you can select from. Hosting 1&1 Web Hosting InMotion WPEngine A2 Hosting Whether you are a big company which has to manage increased traffic or a small business which just tries to improve its online presence, one of them has the features and costs you need to do the work.

It is also important to notice what type of schedule you need when hosting the Web Server, which depends on what you are looking for on a Web site. Each type has a certain set of advantages and disadvantages according to what you use them for. The following kinds include:

  • Shared hosting – sharing a server with other websites. Cheaper option with potential for slower speeds, great for beginners
  • Dedicated hosting – getting a server all to yourself. Much more expensive, but gives you much more control. Great for larger, scaling companies
  • Cloud hosting – hosted across a variety of servers. Less downtime thanks to multiple servers, great for fast growing companies
  • VPS hosting – sharing a server, but you get your own “area.” Perfect in-between option from shared and dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting – plans that cater to WordPress designed sites. Some providers are designed specifically for this purpose.

Web Hosting for Personal Sites in Zambia

It is essential to understand web hosts to know for what you use them, and most people use them for personal websites. If you are not expecting an enormous amount of traffic or a life-or-death situation if a server drops, a shared hosting plan is sure to be enough for your specific needs.

Shared hosting, as the name suggests, means sharing a server with other websites. Like roommates, shared hosting enables you to reduce costs by dividing server costs between other users. However, you can end up with a slowdown in the site if other sites take up too many online resources. Luckily, most suppliers manage this discrepancy-as long as you have a good one.

Take a look at this handy table to get a better understanding of what the main brands can expect from a common hosting plan.

Web Hosting for Small Businesses in Zambia

One thing is to choose hosting a personal website. However, you will need something more heavy to manage your traffic if you are going to set up your little business online.

Small companies are much more vulnerable to website failures than individual websites. This makes a rock solid web hosting plan more necessary, and we therefore recommend a VPS hosting plan to keep your website online.

You still share a server with other websites with VPS hosting, but you are allocated a special area within your server. This means that you will not be fully affected by what other sites do, and that you will be free to use your website a little more.

Moreover, you can keep costs low by increasing the storage or bandwidth, making VPS hosting great for small, growing companies.

Check out this comprehensive table for a better idea of what VPS hosting involves in terms of brands, features and prices, to better understand what you are working with.

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