What Is cPanel?

What is cPanel? cPanel is a powerful web hosting control panel software created by cPanel, LLC. It offers high-quality automation tools and a graphical user interface, primarily designed to facilitate the procedure of hosting a website. It allows administrators to perform management via a standard graphical user interface using only a three- tier architecture.

The most prominent feature of cPanel is its simplified version of the famous Linux package control tool called the Linux dashboard. In cPanel, users are presented with a graphical user interface that enable them to easily manage multiple domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, email accounts, mailing lists and other aspects of their Web server. With cPanel, it is easy to set up, administer and configure various software packages. For hosts, cPanel offers convenient tools for the setup of the installation of applications, as well as tools for the management of web hosts.

In addition, cPanel comes packed with powerful tools for building shopping carts, forms, email management and website templates. If you need to manage more than one domain name and email account, this feature is definitely an add-on bonus. Many hosts offer free accounts that come with cPanel tools already installed, but there is also cPanel PRO, which has advanced features that require payment. You will be required to pay a nominal annual fee in order to use all the great features of cPanel, however.

Another feature of cPanel that is useful to Web hosts is its “backup and restore” feature. It offers an integrated solution for efficiently restoring your Web server to an earlier stage. When you use cPanel for hosting, backups of data from your database, FTP, mail and FTP accounts are automatically backed up on the server, so you will never have to worry about losing any data again.

When it comes to using cPanel for WordPress hosting, you will be happy to learn that cPanel has been designed to make life easier for novice Web hosts. The dashboard of cPanel is very user-friendly and contains just a few simple buttons for navigation. You can change your username and password with a couple of simple clicks, and you can add new domains with a few more mouse clicks. If you have used WordPress before, cPanel has made it easy to switch to WordPress as well. cPanel has a special page for learning how to use cPanel and for hosting your first WordPress site.

You may wonder why cPanel has so many advanced features that are needed for WordPress. WordPress consists of several small applications (add-ons) that share common features such as a database, content management and email accounts. These applications are all designed to perform a particular task, and they are not well developed or supported by the developers who maintain them. For instance, WordPress does not have support for complex file management tools like rpent or suffix, which are necessary to manage other types of files. In contrast, cPanel has several excellent file management tools in its feature list.

One of the most important tasks you will perform as a new Web host is customizing your website to suit your business needs. If you want to manage your site files and database management in a more organized way, cPanel will provide you with great tools for this purpose. You can create sub-categories and assign permissions to individual files and databases. You can create different user groups and customize permissions for individual files and databases.

A great advantage of cPanel is that you do not have to use complex control panels for hosting your site. All the features available in cPanel are easy to use, and the interface makes it easy to move files from one place to another. If you switch hosting providers in the future, you will be able to transfer the data and settings of your old hosting plan to your new provider. Therefore, cPanel is an outstanding control panel, which allows you to manage your site easily.

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