Weglot VS Lokalise Comparison: Which Translation Software Is Better?

Weglot and Lokalise are both very well known in the translation market. They have been providing quality services to their clients for quite some time now. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these two companies? What are their common features and how does each company stack up against its competitors? We will discuss these in this Weglot vs Lokalise review.

Both Weglot and Lokalise have teams of professional, highly qualified translators who are always ready to work on your project. They have translators who are native or fluent speakers of the languages you need to be translated to. Depending on the requirement of the translation, these members of the team are trained to cater to your specific needs and give you the best results in terms of the finished product. Most members of Weglot and Lokalise have a strong working relationship with each other and this has made them even more efficient when it comes to translating documents from one language to another.

Weglot offers several services to its clients. One is the Weglot Free Version, which is a basic translation service for free and contains most of the translation rules as defined by the International Standard Organization (ISO). Another service Weglot offers is the virtual translation platform. This is a very advanced translation tool that includes an extensive database of professional native speaker, or native translator translators around the world. This allows the client to select from a wide variety of appropriate translators, all with varying levels of experience.

For the more technically savvy, both Weglot and lokalise provide a translation management system that integrates all their services under a single roof so you don’t need to keep switching between different packages. Weglot provides a complete set of tools and features such as a powerful text-to-speech engine, full track record of translations, grammar and spell checker, a data source with a rich user interface, a rich set of tools, and a powerful editor. On the other hand, lokalise offers an integrated data source along with tools such as the spell checker, the grammar and spell checker, the translation memory and synonym dictionary, and the image finder.

This gives us a good starting point for comparing Weglot against loyalist. Weglot’s biggest strength is that its instant access to a vast database of professional translators eliminates any possibility for errors while translating and saves valuable time. Also, it does not take into account the fact that different translators interpret different languages differently and Weglot strives hard to adhere to the correct principles of translation. Although some of the features it provides may seem trivial in comparison to other systems, it is nevertheless highly effective means of delivering quality service since all the translations are performed by highly qualified professionals.

However, this advantage is offset by one of loyalist’s biggest weaknesses – the possibility of human error. The underlying problem is that there is no human expert within the system, so mistakes are prone to happen. It also requires extensive training to learn how to use all the tools available. While the number of mistakes may seem minimal on the surface, it can still turn out to be quite costly if you get it wrong. With this said, however, the benefits of Weglot outweigh the disadvantages, especially when you compare it to localize’s comprehensive package.

Weglot vs lokalise also compare in the area of cost, since the former is significantly more affordable than the latter. Weglot’s package includes all the tools and language translation tools required to undertake translation projects, whereas lokalise only includes the tools needed to manage and track translations. Also, Weglot boasts several major benefits, which includes its extensive online shopify storefront, its integrated community forum, its free full feature shopify templates and the fact that its website is integrated with Shopify’s CRM system. Furthermore, many users have found the integrated customer support system of Weglot to be superior to that of other translation software brands.

Overall, Weglot and localize both offer their users the same quality products, with different benefits and drawbacks. The choice between Weglot and lokalise ultimately depends on your business requirements, your budget and most importantly, your degree of comfort and expertise with the tools and language translation management systems used by your company. As long as you choose the one that best meets your needs, you can rest assured that your translators and content will be flawless.

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