How to Unlock your hidden billion-dollar business idea in Zambia

In this post, you will learn how to Unlock your hidden billion-dollar business idea in Zambia. One might think that the reason why many people in Zambia prefer having jobs is that they do not have capital, but based on my experience, that is not the reason. I see people every day asking and posting on social media asking about what businesses they can do with a certain amount. But before I explain how to Unlock your hidden billion-dollar business idea in Zambia, learn the three types of people I discovered in Zambia based on my personal experience

The three types of people in Zambia

  • The first type of people in Zambia, are those people with good business ideas but they do not have capital, in this case, capital is anything that can be used to start a business in Zambia. In most times, these type of people even fail to find partners who can invest because many Zambians are so negative no matter how big your idea is, they will always find a reason not to partner with you, they will ask you questions like, what if it does not work? have you seen anyone doing that business in Zambia? etc.
  • The second type of people are those with capital or money alone but they do not have business ideas. These are mostly people who are on a full-time job and they lack creativity because they are always working and getting tired, no time to think about new things. The bad part about these types of people in Zambia is that they are always skeptical about business ideas especially modern ones. You can share a business idea with them, they can even show interest in it but when it comes to putting in capital especially money, they will always have problems with that.
  • The last type of people in Zambia are those people who are open to anything, they may have capital or not but they will always be open to partner and try out business ideas and see which one works for them, if good they continue, if bad, they stop. So which of these are you? perhaps you not among the three? let me know in the comments.

Before you try out any business idea, here is what you need to know in Zambia.

Not all business ideas you will find here or anywhere else can apply to you and in your location. For example, kids in America can make $100 per day online but here in Zambia you cannot make even K100 online as a kid. First of all, we all have different hobbies, talents and purposes in life. Some people have spiritual gifts like healing people and making people happy just by smiling or talking or sharing jokes. It is not everyone who can become a joker. Some are gifted or talented in Footbal, singing, dancing, preaching, teaching and just talking.

Everyone not only in Zambia but the world at large has a gift or talent one can monetize

I believe God created man to be happy than man to spend an entire life at school, then work then die, all this system is mad made and this is the reason why many people are now waking up and realizing that life shouldn’t be that way. And now many people are building up networks or online businesses that generate money even when they are sleeping so that they can focus on their family and their spiritual life.

How to unlock your hidden business idea

As I mentioned earlier, we all have different gifts and talents of which we can monetize. Most of the rich people out there, they monetized their talents and became millionaires. (I am not a millionaire in Zambia yet, but soon will be). A good example of this are musicians, musicians are top talented people who can sing and compose songs, they use their talents to make money. Others are comedians, pastors too( get paid from tithe or offerings, by the way, this money does not reach God in heaven, it helps the needy and pastors and the church at large). Some people are good at acting, you can monetize this too, the list is endless. So what if you do not have a gift or talent or not yet discovered, what can you do?

How to discover your talent easily in Zambia or world at large

No one can tell you your gift or talent, not even your pastor, not even God, you will not expect God to whisper to you and tell you that son or daughter, your gift or talent is this and this. So here is how you can discover your gift or talent.

  • Talents normally come from things you like doing and enjoy doing them and you are good at them. So ask yourself what you like and enjoy doing of which people thank you. They can be many.
  • Ask your close friends how they feel when you are with them when you talking, do they feel happy or loved?. There are some people of which just being with them, makes you happy because of how they are, what they do, and what they talk about.
  • Go back to your childhood, find out what you liked doing, due to circumstances for example when you were kid, you might have enjoyed dancing, but now since you have grown up and you became busy with school and never had time to continue dancing, you might consider going back to dancing and perhaps it might be your talent.
  • The other way is to write a list of things you wish you can do and try to do them and pick one after some time. For example, I myself always thought of knowing how to make websites since I was 15, at that time, never had any experience of coding, right now as I am writing this, web designing and development is one of my talents, I have been teaching myself since then and I love my talent. But this is not the only talent I have, I have tried out a lot of things such as blogging, Video Editing, Graphic design, Cryptocurrency and Forex trading, and so on.
  • The other thing, talents or gifts can be generations passed, try asking your parents, uncles, and grannies about people in their family were good at doing in their time and try doing them too.

Here is what to do after finding out your talent.

To make more money out of your talent consider investing in them. For example websites like, you can find anything to help you expand your skills in something.

How to monetize your talent and spiritual gifts

Spiritual gifts can be monetized too and there are a lot of people called prophets, healers, and pastors, they do monetize their gifts the same way musicians monetize their talents. Let us start with how to monetize spiritual gifts.

How to monetize your spiritual gifts

  • Healing – If you are good at healing people and praying for them to get healed, you can start receiving donations or ask the same people to pay you any amount of money they can manage to pay you. remember, you are human too, you need money to survive. (OPTIONAL: Hire me to make a donation website for you).
  • Teaching – teaching can be a talent and a spiritual gift. To monetize your teaching gift, you can do the same as above.
  • Evangelism – This is a spiritual gift of sharing the gospel, you can as well use the healing method of monetization.
  • Helping – Helping is also a spiritual gift, you can use the same monetization method.
  • Wisdom – Some people possess wisdom that is never learned anywhere, many may be willing to pay you to learn from you. Use the same method.
  • Prophecy- This is also a spiritual gift, you can use the same monetization method.

There are plenty of spiritual gifts, consider asking your church elders and find out which one you may have. Remember to focus on doing your gift, do not focus on getting rich, people will start calling you names like fake or satanist, etc.

How to monetize your talents easily

I am going to write about the top 2 common talents and how you can monetize them.

  • Singing – If you are good at singing, you can create a YouTube Channel and start uploading your music or voice-overs or remixes. Search for any song on YouTube and add remix or cover or voice over, you will them people do watch them. Of course, monetizing your content on YouTube might take a lot of time. I have written a lot of posts on youtube, be sure to read them. You can as well sing in quite public places and put a bowl down where people can drop some donations while you sing, people in America do make thousands per day, it is only in Zambia where this is not popular. You should also consider partnering with fellow singers and do tours and sing at people’s weddings or parties or public concerts. You can as well upload your videos on Instagram then focus on having a lot of followers, once you get a lot of followers, you can become an influencer like SLAPD, and businesses in Zambia can contact you to advertise a product through your page since you have a large audience.
  • Dancing – You can also use the singing monetization method too

Now that you have discovered your talent or gift, how do you optimize it to generate revenue even when you are sleeping?

Once you know or discover your talent, you will be able to make money but not the amount you probably have in your mind. At first, it will be in small amounts. But right now, I want to share with you a way of how you can boost your earnings from talent. Let me give you the best example. As you know, I am a web designer in Zambia and I do not only develop for money but have been coding for fun all along and I decided to help out people’s businesses in Zambia to have a web presence and sell to a wider market in Zambia.

Example 1

So my talent is web designing and I only earn money when I design a website for someone, so how do I make more money from my talent?

  • I can make more money by learning new skills, new programming languages and be able to make a lot of different websites and apps.
  • I can start writing articles about web design in Zambia and start placing ads like what I am already doing. When people click on ads you are seeing here, I earn money and Google pays me.
  • I can also develop a SAAS (software as a service) website or app that people can use and pay for using it. For example, Facebook is a SAAS, some people pay Facebook to advertise and reach more people, so Facebook makes money 24/7, I can as well create a platform that can solve a particular problem and people will pay to use it without question.

Example 2

Let’s say you are a musician or dancer in Zambia and you want to boost your earnings from your talent, how can you do that?

  • You can start recording videos of yourself and monetize them on YouTube and YouTube will start paying you from your video views and ad clicks.
  • You can also utilize YouTube subscription where people can subscribe to a monthly subscription and pay you to watch or listen to you.
  • Since monetizing content on YouTube takes a bit of time to meet requirements, you can hire me to create for you a membership website that can let people sign up and subscribe to a package and pay you to see your content.
  • You can as well offer dancing courses or singing courses on the same website or on sites like Udemy. These 4 ways above can generate income 24/7 once done the right way

There are may talents and ways of monetizing them. If you are not sure of how simply comment below and will reply to you within 30 minutes. If you liked the post consider sharing it with others. If you need assistance in anything, feel free to comment or email me or WhatsApp me +260977770202

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    I am calling you pastor because you have motivated me. You have opened my eye and I am starting today to capitalize on my talent. I will leave my email below, I need you to design a websites for my me and my wife. Keep up the good work son of God.


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