Ulendo Taxi Rates Lusaka

Learn more about Ulendo Taxi Rates in Zambia from here. Ulendo is a taxi booking app in Zambia. As of April 18, 2017, the rates for ulendo where as follows;

ulendo taxi lusaka Pricing and commission

Pricing in Lusaka:
Ulendo taxi currently has two products operating at different rates as follows:
• Classic Rate: K 7.5 per kilometer and a minimum fare or short distance of K30.
• Business rate: K 10 per for corporate clients.(Negotiable)
Kindly note that receipts for all the trips are system generated and are sent to customers emails immediately after the trip.

Sample of trips with Ulendo Taxi:
• Shoprite Cairo road to Manda Hill Shopping Complex: K 40
• University of Zambia Great East Road to University Teaching Hospital: K 61
• East park mall to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport: K 145
Ulendo Family.
Kindly note that Ulendo will introduce a promo code called MYULENDO starting 28 july 2017 this will give massive discounts to our customers.
download and move with ulendo taxi.
join Ulendo Family by downloading the app.

To get latest rates, contact ulendo or see from the app itself

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