Transforming Identity: The Story Behind Keith Rainz Logo’s Makeover

Hey everyone! Today, I’m excited to share why I decided to give Keith Rainz a new look. As a graphic designer who’s into forex trading, crypto, affiliate marketing, and coding and the others, creating a logo that captures all these aspects was a bit tricky.

The Challenge:

Being a graphic designer has its challenges, especially when you want your logo to represent everything you do. I’ve always associated my brand with my name, but I needed a logo that wasn’t limited to just one thing which is forex trading.

How Ideas Evolved:

Throughout my career, I’ve found inspiration in my various interests, from forex to crypto, affiliate marketing, and coding and the others. While my old logos focused mainly on forex, they didn’t show the full picture of what I’m about because I am many things. Forex trading being the main.

Why I Made the Change in design:

I realized it was time for a logo that could represent all the different parts of my work. The goal was to move beyond just forex and embrace everything that makes Keith Rainz unique.

The New Look:

Keith Rainz
Keith Rainz new logo

The updated logo now represents not only my expertise in forex but also my involvement in crypto trading, affiliate marketing, and coding and the rest. It’s a symbol of how my work keeps growing and changing.


In a world that’s always changing, it’s important to adapt. The new Keith Rainz logo isn’t just a picture – it’s a visual way of showing the many things my brand is all about. I’m excited to share this update with you and to keep growing together. Stay tuned for more! 🚀 #KeithRainzRevamped #BrandEvolution

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