The Rising Role of Video Content in SEO Ranking

At the moment, there is no better form of media for increasing traffic, engagement, or conversions than videos. Video content is an exciting and economical marketing technique for any organization, owing to lower production costs and the availability of quick and seamless video editing tools. Videos also largely contribute to a business’s SEO tactics and help in increasing ranking on search engines. 

Keeping this in mind, let’s shed some light on what makes video content unique, why you should invest in video marketing, and how videos boost your website’s ranking on search engines. 

Why do businesses depend on videos to leverage the power of SEO? 

There is enough evidence to show that technology, particularly social media, has shortened our attention span. Marketers have only 7 seconds to make an impression on their target audience. If your written or visual material fails to interest and excite your audience beyond the first few seconds, the audience is bound to move on to the next article or video that does. 

Regardless of whether you use an animated explainer video or an ordinary video, videos tend to instantly connect with the viewers and put your message across. Furthermore, people would rather watch a two-minute video than read a 2000-word text. Video content’s growth and popularity are neither a fluke nor an accident.

Video content is brief and to the point

Information that would normally take several pages and thousands of words to describe can be summed up in a short video. Videos have the ability to convey a lot more information, quickly. Furthermore, videos tend to keep a larger segment of the audience engaged, by delivering important information in an engaging way. 

An instructional film with animation is simpler to recall than an eBook outlining the same information. A brief movie, unlike long-form text content, rarely has a dull moment. Short and snappy films pique viewers’ interest and keep them hooked to your website. Short videos are beneficial for SEO as well, since they encourage viewers to stay on the page for longer. 

According to statistics, within 60 seconds of watching a video, 5% of viewers leave. Therefore, if you want your target audience to watch your video all the way through, make it short and sweet. Businesses should keep in mind that about 50% of the videos streamed on smartphones are under 5 minutes long.

Videos leverage the power of storytelling 

PowerPoint presentations, like videos, are jam-packed with useful information. This explains why presentations aren’t as popular as videos among the general public. Providing a lot of information isn’t enough to keep the audience interested. Hard facts are interwoven with great storytelling in videos. A mixture of these two will stay in your audience’s mind for a longer duration. 

Knowledge will be retained for far longer when marketers employ stories to deliver a message. Even after 30 days, four out of five people tend to recall a video. Moreover, over 50% of these viewers tend to follow your CTA after the video. Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, if you incorporate a video that relays a story, it will benefit your marketing and SEO strategy. 

Moreover, videos that communicate stories work because they elicit an emotional response from the brain’s emotional centers. 

Video Content Improves User Experience 

Years ago, videos could have been the king of material. So then what stopped their ascension to the top? 

Many marketers were concerned that videos would detract from the overall user experience. On the contrary, nothing could be further from the facts. The addition of videos to affiliate products will only improve the user experience. People enjoy watching videos, which is why businesses rely on video marketing to increase conversions. 

There is ample evidence to suggest that videos increase traffic, keep viewers on a website longer, and ultimately improve SEO and ranking. 

  • Users spend 88 percent more time on a page featuring video content on average.
  • When compared to text CTA, over 95% of people claimed they could remember the video CTA.
  • Websites with at least one video are 45 times more likely to appear higher in search results.

Finally, unlike other kinds of entertainment, videos provide complete control over the content to the viewers. Viewers can choose when, how much, and how they want to consume the content. Video content is an enticing magnet that draws visitors, enhances user experience, and increases ranking because of its ease of use, accessibility, and control over the material. 

How can businesses improve their SEO ranking with videos? 

Digital marketing is built on the foundations of SEO and ranking, each of these is crucial to your organization’s growth. Include video content in your marketing mix if you need to nail these two methods. It’s currently pretty simple to create cost-effective videos thanks to the availability of some of the best video editors, themes, effects, stock video, and so on.

  • Use videos and social media to drive more organic traffic to your website  

Every marketer’s objective is to divert even a small percentage of that traffic to his or her website. YouTube watchers and social media users will become website visitors when you integrate video content with a sound plan. You can distribute videos on numerous platforms in a couple of seconds with the help of management tools.

  • Visitors Stay on Your website Longer When You Use Videos

Video content has an unrivaled power to engage and amuse. Visual content piques visitors’ interest and encourages them to remain longer on a website. Engagement will be higher and last longer on a blog page featuring a video. According to the data, video watchers stayed at least 6 times longer and visited 2.3 more pages on average.

  • Click-Through Rates are Boosted by Video Content

Product videos are a great method to get people’s attention. Consumers would rather watch a two-minute video than read a two-thousand-word article. It is preferable to exhibit rather than describe the products.

  • People are more likely to viral your videos if they are well-made

Why do some posts become viral and receive a large number of likes, shares, and comments, while others do not? A survey conducted by the New York Times aimed to answer these questions. It looked into the psychology of sharing on the internet. People shared more for a variety of reasons, according to the findings. The majority of people shared online to help others, promote information that matched their online identity, and interact in and establish relationships.  

  • Google acknowledges videos and prioritizes them for SEO 

Experts have stated time and time again that video is the most effective kind of content for increasing audience engagement. Furthermore, Google places a high value on content marketing methods that increase interaction. Higher traffic and conversions will be seen on websites that provide better engagement through video content. If you’re still not sure that Google appreciates video content, consider the following points. 

  • Google is a big fan of high-quality backlinks

Web pages with videos receive 300 percent more inbound links than those without videos. Pages with a higher number of high-quality inbound links are referred to as authority pages. They’re shared more and get more traffic as a result. The Google algorithm will prefer pages with a higher reputation and authority.

The Stickiness Factor and Google

This is something we’ve already addressed. The ‘Stickiness Factor’ is the time users spend on a web page, watching a video. This is an important factor for Google in determining the quality of a page. One of the most effective ways to keep visitors on your page longer is to use video.

  • Keywords and Google

The search engine behemoth still uses keywords and their usage to determine where a web page should be ranked. By including the transcript as metadata when uploading a video, Google will be able to determine the video’s theme and relevance to the issue.

  • Involvement, Google, and YouTube

There is no conclusive evidence that Google prefers videos uploaded on YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, even if we ignore the fact that Google and YouTube are owned by the same firm.

Videos that do well on YouTube, with a lot of views, shares, and comments, will also do well on Google. Content that engages and entertains the audience is always prioritized by Google. As a result, it’s self-evident that Google will like a video editor. For this reason, you should appreciate video content and include it in your SEO plan.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, videos have become a crucial part of marketing today. Moreover, businesses have started leveraging the power of videos for SEO since they help push your website’s rank higher. In case you still doubt whether you should incorporate a video to boost your SEO ranking or not, go through the stats we shared above once more. 

And what’s the best part? Regardless of the industry, your business caters to, you can curate relevant videos that will help you push your website’s rank higher. 

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