The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada

The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada are just wealth management companies that provide the best possible services for both the small investor and the large corporate clientele. In fact just Wealth Management has been licensed to operate in Canada since 1988. Just Wealth is a member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the Payments Corporation of Canada. The company is also a member of the Security Exchange Act and the Better Business Bureau. The company has implemented a system that provides clients with just wealth building accounts in addition to their regular savings accounts.

The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada offer their clients a variety of advantages over conventional investment plans. The company provides nest wealth and retirement planning, cash value investing, GICs and mutual funds, estate planning and protection, real estate investing, tax-advantaged accounts, and other investment products. They can help individuals create an income generating portfolio that will improve their standard of living or help families to manage the estates they already have.

The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada use a combination of investments that provide excellent returns and minimal risk to investors. The robo-advisors help the investor to decide what type of passive investing suits them best, whether it be a growth balanced or traditional investable portfolio. The accounts also help the investor to determine what types of investment fees are included with the account. The fees and charges are reviewed and adjusted to the needs of the client by the company’s fund managers.

Just Wealth has a wealth management arm that focuses on the technology side of asset allocation. They also have an investment banking arm that works with investors. The two main types of robo-advisors in Canada are Passive Investing firms and Financial Advisors. The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada offer a range of investment options from growth capital to real estate properties, bonds and GICs. They also help with asset allocation plans, as well as asset protection strategies and are a source of advice when it comes to immigration status and citizenship.

Just Wealth has branches in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec and is not accessible to clients in the rest of the country. The company does not sell products directly but instead provides investment management and portfolio management for clients. The robo-advisors in Canada work under the names Equity Trust Inc., Global Trust Inc., Just Income Limited and Investments for Families Inc. The clients can choose from over one hundred different investment objectives, including stocks, bonds, cash and real estate properties.

The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada offer various types of fee structures, including Management Year End Fees, Performance Fees and Annual Fees. The Management Year End Fees are charged according to the year you chose to maintain your account. The Performance Fees are charged on a yearly basis, quarterly or monthly and can be added to your annual income to help your bottom line. Annual Fees are charged to pay for the administrative costs of running the company. You can also request an independent performance review of your portfolio management and investment objectives by simply calling the company. Investing through a managed account such as Just Wealth allows you to have more control over how your investments are being managed and you have greater investment choices than most managed accounts allow.

Just Wealth allows clients to create investment portfolios that suit their risk tolerance. The portfolios can be customized so that the robo-advisors are confident they will be able to achieve investment objectives. The majority of the robo-advisors also offer an automatic daily stock alert service so that they can be alerted to any stock price fluctuations. This is particularly beneficial to investors who do not have the time necessary to constantly watch the stock market or who are more risk averse.

The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada are available to meet the needs of all individuals who wish to create a managed portfolio with an emphasis on investment objectives and risk tolerance. The majority of the robo-advisors have maps and dashboards available to their clients to help them understand their risk tolerance, investment goals and the effectiveness of their portfolio. Investing through a managed account such as Just Wealth has proven to be effective for many people and is an easy way to increase the investments of even the most financially inexperienced investor. The Best Robo-Advisors in Canada are committed to providing clients with the tools needed to manage their portfolios effectively and increase their bottom line profits.

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