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Here is my new transparent and fair pricing effective since January 2021. Get to know what you pay for and what you get from my services. I am a top freelancer in web design, marketing, web development, SEO, optimization and web security in Zambia. Unlike many web design agencies in Zambia that charge a fixed amount to design websites in Zambia, I Keith, I do not have a fixed amount for all my services. It does not make sense charging the same amount for a small one-page website to an eCommerce site or social media site. This is why I charge based on features of the website you want, resources needed, complexity and other factors.

Terms you should understand

  1. Domain name in Zambia – A domain name is a website name, for example,,,,, etc. Domain names are paid every year.
  2. Web hosting in Zambia – When I create a website, it’s usually on my laptop and I am the only one who can access it. After finishing making the website, I will need the website to be accessible by everyone in the world. This is where web hosting comes in. For the website to be online 24/7, we need to buy hosting, when you pay for hosting, you actually pay for a remote computer which is ever online having your website and its files to be accessible by everyone in the world. The remote computer is ever connected to the internet and it never supposed to go off. You can pay for web hosting monthly or for an entire year. This is up to you. 
  3. Email accounts/ Email hosting in Zambia– If You need a professional email address that matches the domain name (website name). You can get. For example ( this is a professional email than keith***** is a free email service by Google.
  4. Basic search engine optimization in Zambia – A website without visitors is useless. When I create your website, it will need visitors or clients. Therefore I can help you rank your website in Google search results for your website name and related keywords regarding your business. Your website will start appearing in search results when people search on Google for your company or related services thereby bringing you free visitors and free customers.
  5. Website speed and security in Zambia – Everyone hates a very slow website and Google does too. Website speed is now a ranking factor, if your website is slow, it will not appear in search results for mobile users and you will lose customers. I am very good at website speed optimization both at the server level and website level. Google also hates a website that goes offline too much, your website has to run 24/7 to avoid Gooogle receiving some 404 errors to your page. This is where web security comes it, being a retired hacker, I can protect your site from both known and unknown attacks both at the server level and website level.
  6. Content Marketing in Zambia– If you want your website to appear in Google search results, it will need content. I can help you with content writing and marketing in Zambia.
  7. Digital marketing in Zambia- If you would like to expand your business by expanding your web presence, I am the perfect fit for that, Digital marketing a broad word and it involves a lot. Simply contact me we talk about how best we can work together and expand your business online.
  8. Android app development in Zambia – I am a sole developer, unlike websites that can even be made in a week, Android apps take long. As at now, I choose which Android apps development requests to accept. Android apps are apps that run on Android phones.

My Pricing in Zambia and the world at large

Last updated on January 4th 2021.

#Service namePrice in dollarsPrice in Kwacha
1Domain name$20/yearK424/year
3cloud managed web hostingstarting at $6/monthstarting at K130/month
4Email hosting$12/year + $5 per additional email accountK255/year + K106 per additional email account
5S.E.Ostarting $10starting at K212
6Web speed & securitystarting at $50starting at K1060
7Android app developmentstarting at $300starting at K6360
8Web design & developmentstarting $100starting at K2120
9Marketingstarting at $50starting at K1060
pricing for 2021

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Things needed for me to start creating your website

  1. I will need a domain name of your choice
  2. How many email accounts you want
  3. How many pages the website you want to have
  4. What information to write on the same pages
  5. Anything else I need to put
  6. You pay 75% of total amount before starting to work. ( This will cover for
    domain name purchases, hosting and other resources) then pay the rest when
    completing or at an agreed date
  7. Anything else I might need, will be communicated.
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