5 Reasons Why Customers Do Not Buy From You In Zambia

Have you ever wondered how and why people in Zambia do not buy other people’s products including yours? Here are the 5 Reasons Why Customers Do Not Buy From You In Zambia and how to avoid them.

The real truth is that businesses in Zambia like any other worthwhile endeavor are not a walk through the park, so there is some resistance. However, by being guilty of a few items that drive customers away, you could make your road even harder. In order to increase your chance of sale, I have created a list of 5 items you need to avoid doing in Zambia.

1. Avoid asking customers to DM or Inbox or contact you for Prices in Zambia

Have you ever gone in a shopping mall and found products with no prices? Or have you ever visited an online store and found no product prices?. Imagine if that was the way business in being done in Zambia. Do you think it would have been pleasant to shop where you have to go the counter and ask for each and every product you put in to your trolley?. Well, this is how people feel when you post something with no price, thereby losing customers.

2. Poor Zambian product description.

You need to show your customers how the brand name, color and other qualities of your company are applied. For example, when you’re selling sneakers online, it allows a customer seeking running shoes to see what shoes to buy whether it is useful to run, or whether a shoe ‘s nice to walk or drive. Do not post a product EG. SHOES, mention what type of shoe, size, variants, types available, and other information.

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3. No Customer Reviews for your business in Zambia

People in Zambia tend to buy from those who are trusted by many, people are scared of being scammed or buying fake products. You can solve this by having a Facebook page, Facebook can allow people to rate your services or recommend.

4. Not selling online in Zambia

We are now in the modern age, people prefer buying online and their products being delivered at their door step due to being lazy and being busy and it is lifestyle for some. By not having an online store to sell and deliver products to people, you discourage people from buying from you. You can solve this by starting to sell on Facebook, although you cannot receive payments on Facebook directly and ship, you can solve this problem by hiring me to develop and design an online store and start accepting mobile money, visa cards and cryptocurrency in Zambia.

5. Not responding to customers

I have seen a lot of business owners in Zambia and heavily advertise in Zambia but they do not reply to customers questions on their Facebook pages, if you do this, you are losing customers. Let people know that you are chatting with real people by replying and keep the conversation going and be kind and friendly.

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