Kaza spike detector 2.0

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Trend indicator which can also be used as a spike detector for Boom and Crash

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Download the latest less repainting Kaza spike detector for Boom and Crash indices for free. The Old version of Kaza which was posted 8 months ago had a lot of indicators of which were repainting badly and were hard to use. In this updated version of Kaza, I have removed all other indicators of other people and only remained with one and made some adjustments to it to make it simple to learn, understand and use.

Learn more about the Kaza spike detector here

8 reviews for Kaza spike detector 2.0

  1. 3 out of 5

    Elias Mwikuta (verified owner)

    this one is the best the only problem you have to make losses then you enter profit it repaint alot

    • Keith

      yea, try my latest indicator, its perfect

  2. Emmanuel izuchukwu

    It is a great and best detector I have ever seen

  3. 5 out of 5

    Emmanuel izuchukwu

    It is a great

  4. Okechukwu

    I cannot download the indicator. The download button is not working

  5. hypecypher00

    Why can’t I download the indicator

  6. anandshiv86

    cpuln’t able to download the product

  7. anandshiv86

    I cannot download the indicator. The download button is not working. Same with me

    • Keith (verified owner)

      click on add to cart

  8. 4 out of 5

    Yavor Balkanski (verified owner)

    The indicator has friendly user interface.Today i made 3 orders using this indicator and they were all in profit, It is easy to use, but today i went over 100 pips drawdown on crash 300 with this indicator and it was not nice at all. It repaints a lot. The final result after 30 painful minutes is profit. But this drawdown was scary. Hey, Keith , can you add second confirmation for this indicator in order to get better entry?

    • Keith (verified owner)


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