Nexcess Vs Kinsta – A Reliable Web Hosting Solution

In this article, have shared the Nexcess Vs Kinsta Comparison. Which one is better for your needs? Well, to help you make the decision easier, read on. Nexcess is a known hosting company with many years of experience with WordPress. They’ve been keeping excellent reputations with hosting clients since 2021. Their current services are backed by world-class technology and they continually improve their customer support.

Kinsta, on the other hand, is a managed hosting company that focuses on offering a low cost, reliable, and secure option for all hosting situations. They offer many different server options such as Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and collocation hosting. Kinsta offers a variety of services including: Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and collocation hosting. So, which one is better for your website?

We believe that the answer to this question is that Kinsta is simply more flexible and user friendly for the majority of their clients. Their “unlimited” unmanaged hosting plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which is pretty much standard in the industry these days. Furthermore, their managed hosting service comes with a built-in backup.

Kinsta’s backup service comes with the standard one-click backups. Meaning, you can now rely on a highly reliable and fast service to keep your site up and running without the hassle of manually doing backups every now and then. However, Kinsta has been notorious for their poor performance and unreliable servers. One example would be when the company suffered a complete outage just a few months ago because of a virus.

Kinsta’s auto-scaling functionality works great in their favor though. Since Kinsta already has one of the best auto-scaling features among other managed hosting providers, the one-click backups doesn’t really prove to be a problem. Kinsta has also implemented their own content-addressing system which is, in fact, better than Nexcess’s. With Kinsta’s content addressing system, your website will receive a unique cache of content whenever a new page has been uploaded.

When it comes to backup and the whole disaster recovery part, both companies have their upsides. Nexcess backup does not support backups and transactions for e-commerce websites and their features only include an e-commerce shopping cart and the ability to process credit cards. On the other hand, Kinsta offers both the backup and auto-scaling solutions to its clients. Kinsta also offers an additional security feature called SSL certificate along with a free content-addressing feature. Kinsta also allows e-commerce sites to use FTP access while allowing the remote site to make updates to the website automatically. Kinsta also offers the benefit of making all transactions transparent which means that the transactions are protected from hackers and other attacks.

There are several things that separate Kinsta from Nexcess. One of these is the way they have handled their e-commerce site. Kinsta’s e-commerce solution has a more secure web application and advanced protection against hackers. They provide secure SSL certificates and use their own content addressing system and auto-scaling functionality to ensure that e-commerce sites are always running smoothly.

Nexcess on the other hand, has failed to implement auto-scaling. Kinsta offers a monthly premium to upgrade to the auto-scaling feature while Nexcess charges for every upgrade that they perform. Nexcess also charges for additional data centers, but they do provide the benefit of free backups. Kinsta on the other hand has not offered any such service. In conclusion, it can be concluded that the features that Nexcess offers will outclass Kinsta when it comes to e-commerce hosting.

When comparing the two, one must also compare the customer support and the website builder tools that they offer. Kinsta’s customer support doesn’t get better than Nexcess. Their website builder tools are also a lot better than Nexcess’. The website builders offered by both Kinsta and Nexcess are designed specifically for large sites and cater to their needs.

The final difference between the two e-commerce solutions is the extent of support that they provide. Both Kinsta and Nexcess offer free SSL certificates for their customers. The only difference is that Nexcess provides customers with auto-scaling and backup services. Kinsta only offers backup services, but the quality is very low. Kinsta’s SSL certificate backup feature has also been compared to that of Kinsta’s own site builder tools.

The end result? The most important factor in hosting is reliability and security. In this case, the answer is clearly Nexcess. They have been in the business for several years and have continuously received excellent ratings from both customers and hosting review magazines. Kinsta, on the other hand, may be a reliable web hosting solution for small to medium-sized businesses, but its low price is hard to beat.

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