How Gorgias VS Freshdesk Differ

In this ongoing series, we’ll compare Gorgias Vs Freshdesk. Both helpdesk platforms are designed to provide seamless online support for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as help out in the areas of sales, marketing, order processing, analytics, and more. Gorgias and Freshdesk can both help you respond quickly to clients quickly and efficiently, however, which one is really best for your store? That all depends on your business and exact requirements, so lets look at the comparison of advantages for these systems.

When it comes to ease of use, both Gorgias and Freshdesk come highly rated, with many praising the ease of use of Freshdesk. This is certainly an important factor when choosing help desk software, and it’s no surprise that many business owners have found that Freshdesk is easier to work with than Gorgias. If your staff aren’t particularly computer literate, and are used to filling in forms on a word document, then Gorgias may be a good choice for you. Freshdesk on the other hand provides excellent support for any level of computer expertise.

However, when it comes to support, both Gorgias and Freshdesk have plenty to offer. Gorgias allows you to setup support channels, which provide customers with trained and certified agents to deal with your technical issues, while Freshdesk provides channel management capabilities to manage multiple support channels, including on demand support and customer service. Depending on which channel your business uses, both Gorgias and Freshdesk can help you save money and time. With Gorgias, you can set up support for multiple devices, while Freshdesk works better with a single app – allowing customers to simply contact your support team with one touch.

Both Gorgias and Freshdesk allow you to setup automation features. Gorgias can monitor your mobile device activity, track which staff member is doing which tasks, and even analyze voice and data traffic. With Freshdesk, you can set up custom prompts and automated answers, which means that you can easily and consistently improve your customer service, increase revenue, and reduce your overall system overhead. With Gorgias, you can set up various channels and track how those channels are performing.

Although both Gorgias look similar, their key differences lie in how they interact with the customer. Gorgias offers a web-based user interface that may be confusing to some. Freshdesk uses a simpler, yet more advanced user interface. Freshdesk is less customizable than Gorgias, though it does have an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. In addition to the two main user interfaces, Freshdesk also allows users to customize the settings on the front end, which can make the application easier to use for new and/or repeat business partners.

The primary difference between Gorgias Vs Freshdesk revolves around the channel system. Gorgias lets multiple representatives manage multiple channels while Freshdesk restricts this functionality. Gorgias allows authorized representatives to manage up to five channels. When a representative adds a channel to the Freshdesk dashboard, it is displayed as a template for all future representatives to reference. In addition, representatives can change the order status of a particular channel by clicking on “manage” and then dragging the icon to the desired location on the channel menu. This allows the same order status for all seven channels, which saves time and eliminates the possibility of forgetting that a particular channel needs to be manually edited.

The most obvious advantage of Gorgias Vs Freshdesk comes from the integrations it provides. Gorgias integrates with over fifty CRM vendors including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Great Plains, and Microsoft Business Solutions. Freshdesk, on the other hand, only integrates with Microsoft Business Solutions.

In addition, Gorgias delivers superior channel control abilities and greater channel flexibility versus Freshdesk. In particular, Gorgias has an integrated platform for tracking customer inquiries and managing customer support channels, which saves time and resources for Gorgias. Freshdesk on the other hand limits the number of customer queries that a support agent can handle in a day and limits the types of questions that support agents can answer to specific product categories or a certain sales volume. This means that if a channel handles a high volume of queries related to a particular product category, for example, the support agent may only be able to answer calls on that product category, or they may not be able to do any type of inquiry at all.

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