List of Crypto Scams to avoid in 2024

Here are some of the crypto scams you should stay away from participating in 2024.

Crypto Scams to avoid in 2024

1. Bitcoin Doublers

Bitcoin doublers are websites or apps that promise you double of the bitcoin deposited within 24 hours or some specified days. They may show convincing proof that they work but do not at anytime fall for them.

2. Telegram Bitcoin bots and faucets

In the past years, I have benefited from some Telegram crypto bots, but most of them ended up being scams and there is thousands of Telegram crypto bots and faucets therefore it’s not easy to know to know which one is working or not without losing time and money. The best way of not losing money and time, is to stay away from them.

3. Scripts, extensions and softwares

There are many Scripts, extensions and softwares on the internet claiming that once you install them, you will be able to generate Bitcoin instantly or hack some random Bitcoin wallet. Some are free and some paid. But it doesn’t matter if they are free or not because these softwares should not be trusted because they may end up destroying your computer or infect it or use your computer to mine crypto without your knowledge which leads to a more slower computer.

4. Gambling sites

There are a lot of crypto gambling sites. Before you join any of them, make sure that you do your research properly and make sure their code is verifiable that there is no manipulation and the games are fair. If you are not able to do this, it’s better you stay away from them.

5. Get paid to view ads, crypto sites

There are a lot of websites that pay crypto to view and click on ads. But the truth is, just to make a $1 worth of crypto, it would even take up to a year. They are not worth the time and they are there to make money for themselves.

6. Crypto mining apps and websites

Mining crypto is done with special computers and softwares. Please stay away from all crypto mining apps and websites because they never work. If they do, then you risk damaging your smart phone or computer. Just to make a $1, it would take months and app will need to be running 24/7 for months which is not worth it.


HYIPS or ponzi schemes are websites that promise high returns on investments and also pay you more money if you recruit people. These type of websites never last long and to be on the safe side, never join them at all.

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