Latest Business ideas in South Africa in 2023



What are some of the most lucrative small business ideas in South Africa 2023? People no longer want to retire at 60 and after that spend the rest of their lives counting on their failures and lost opportunities, solely depending on pensions. For this reason, several people are now interested in activities that directly feed the passions that make life worthwhile. While the career market remains a conventional way of earning a living in the 23st century, it is proving ineffective and less reliable for aggressive wealth hunters.

Golf is generally regarded to be a casual pastime, something not really to do with one’s professional career or career building. But the fact is that over two million people in the country play golf, up from around one million ten years ago. The game is such a popular pastime that there are so many clubs and courses in South Africa, all eager to cash in on the increasing number of people who are still interested in learning the game. To be successful in the game will require staying ahead of the pack and being able to offer something unique, something a bit different.

players spend all their free time and money on upgrading their clubs and practicing the game. Some of the more progressive courses will often sponsor a celebrity who will be paid to drop in and practice and will take lessons. This is an ideal way for participants to get involved in the game in a way that might not really be possible, since you can often make more money practicing for a sport, rather than paying money to play. A practice run can net you – not surprisingly – a few thousand rands. Other popular small home businesses in South Africa include baking cakes or making curtains, playing piano lessons, cooking, painting, scrapbooking etc. Like many other things, these activities take a while to develop and are always in high demand- so the more popular the activity and the more advanced you have become, the more you will be earning.

The top twenty earned in this category are earning around R1, 000 and more in a month, as well as several small business owners in the country. While these twenty are all earning in excess of R20,000, the average earnings per month is just over R1000. The following list is not exhaustive, but shows that the field of small business doesn’t necessarily require you to be or become a super-entrepreneur. Very successful business owners start small and work their way up, the better they do the more money they will make.

Latest Business ideas in South Africa in 2023

  1.  Making and Selling Wholesale Clothing: Selling clothing is certainly one of the best small businesses in South Africa. It’s a popular, relatively cheap business, that returns continuous profits, rather than peaks and troughs, as with stocks. Humans are creatures of habit and will constantly flock to the same shop for different fashion items to suit their likes. 
  2. Children’s Clothing: Clothing can possibly be one of the most important small businesses in South Africa – the children of South Africa are always attracted to new and interesting types of clothing. Many parents will purchase new clothes to keep up with the changing trends, as new light and color textures become available. 
  3. Importers/Exporters: South Africa is a major exporter of animal products, like goats, cattle, sheep etc. Promotion of local handicrafts can be done in a number of creative ways, by using household items – for example, the sewing of beads and feathers is a popular hobby and there are several websites on the net that can be used for that purpose. 
  4. Children’s Games Furniture: Children and young people often have the greatest fondness for playing games and know that this can only be enjoyable if items are available and suitable for their pre-infant needs. Children’s games furniture is a type of this. These are usually wooden-fashioned units complete with play strands that help kids learn how to play. All of these can be designed and imported to South Africa, where there are many exhibitors on related courses and classes.
  5.  Outdoorsman: South Africa is a beautiful country, and a part of that beauty is the water. Whatever one enjoys doing in the wild is worth doing in any conditions and South Africa is full of great locations where one can lay a foundation. There is a large number of parks and beaches in the country, which is ideal for bird watching or taking air- Cooler bobsledding. 
  6.  Real Estate Agent: South Africa really is blessed with the scenery we have. No other country in the world has more diverse climates or terrain. The scenery and the climate that the country enjoys is what draws people to South Africa to give up their comfortable life and pay a small amount to have a couple of weeks back home. It may seem like a small task, but one may be surprised at how easy South Africa really is for the person determined to make it happen.
  7.  Resource Adviser: Whilst a real estate market is still in a cat and mouse phase, it may be that a company that provides even the smallest amount of information on how to make an investment in real estate can be helpful and of use to those in this financial position. 
  8. Computer Consultant: Computer companies have produced some different forms of technology that manage inventory and property and have decent save on the time for those who do not have much time to devote to their business functions.

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