Is Network Marketing Dead in Zambia?

The answer to the question, is network marketing dead in Zambia is not yet known by most people who are involved with the industry. This is mainly because there has not been a large scale introduction of any such type of promotion in the past twenty years or so. There is still a very real potential for growth in this country, and it is an area that many people still do not fully understand or appreciate the potential. There are a number of very attractive aspects that this country still has going for it that are not commonly experienced in other parts of the world. It is still relatively unknown to many people in the western world and this means that there is a good market out there for those that are willing to learn about the system.

One of the big things that this country does well is its system of distribution and marketing. This is very unique and Zambian distributors still manage to create massive amounts of money even though there is no longer a large number of international distributors to call upon. This is because the level of education and training that most people in the west take when they start off in network marketing is quite low. This means that people who are coming into the industry from non-English speaking backgrounds have very little knowledge of the inner workings and therefore end up making huge mistakes. For them to be successful, they must have a solid foundation of information.

Another aspect of Zambia that is being looked at very favourably is the cost of setting up and running an attraction based company. Although the initial outlay when you set up your own home based business is high, it is still relatively cheap compared to many of the countries in western Europe. This is due to the fact that Zambia is one of the few developing countries that has not yet been affected by the commodity price crisis. It is expected that within the next couple of years the economic conditions in Zambia will improve and the cost of setting up a home-based MLM business will decrease.

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