Zambia Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Learn Iraisers Zambia Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Learn from this Iraisers Zambia Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?, how to join iraisers, the iraisers company and how iraisers works In Zambia.

iRaisers gives no data on their site about who possesses or maintains the business.

The iRaisers site space (“”) was secretly enrolled on January ninth, 2016. A corporate private location in the US territory of Georgia is given by iRaisers yet thought to be sham.

In spite of the age of the area, Alexa just enlisted quantifiable traffic to the iRaisers site from March 2018.

Presently Ghana (26%) and the US (24%) are the essential wellsprings of traffic to the iRaisers site.

As usual, if a MLM organization isn’t straightforwardly forthright about who is running or possesses it, take some real time to contemplate joining as well as giving over any cash.

iRaisers Products In Zambia

iRaisers has no retailable items or administrations, with partners just ready to showcase iRaisers offshoot participation itself.

The iRaisers Compensation Plan In Zambia

iRaisers offshoots buy $16 positions in a four-level grid cycler.

Network sizes utilized by iRaisers in their cycler are 3×3, 3×5 and 3×10.

A 3×3 framework puts an associate at the highest point of a network, with three positions legitimately under them:

These three positions structure the principal level of the grid. The second degree of the framework is created by parting these initial three situations into another three positions every (9 positions).

The third degree of the lattice is produced in a similar way and houses 27 positions.

A 3×5 and 3×10 grid extends accessible levels in the framework by two and eight levels separately.

Each extra level in a 3×5 and 3×10 grid is comprised of three fold the number of positions as the past level.

An iRaisers partner joins and buys a $16 Bronze Board cycler position.

A 3×3 framework Bronze Board grid has thirty-nine situations to fill.

Positions in the framework are filled when new and existing iRaisers partners buy cycler positions.

As positions in the grid fill, commissions are paid out.

At the point when each of the three degrees of the Bronze Board are filled, a “cycle” commission is activated and the position “cycles” into the following lattice level.

Installments over every one of the four iRaisers cycler levels are as per the following:

Bronze Board (3×3 grid, positions cost $16) – $115 cycle commission and cycles into Silver Board

Silver (3×5 grid) – $13,000 cycle commission and cycles into Gold Board

Gold Board (3×5 grid) – $300,000 cycle commission and cycles into Diamond Board

Precious stone Board (3×5 lattice) – $3,000,000 cycle commission and cycles into Board of Directors

After cycling out of Diamond Board, an associate is given a situation in a 3×10 “Top managerial staff” framework.

5% of cycle commissions paid out on Silver Board to Diamond Board are paid out through the 3×10 network.

Further points of interest of how the cycle commissions are dispersed through the Board of Directors lattice are not given.

Iraisers Referral Bonus

At the point when a by and by enrolled iRaisers associate cycles a situation out of Bronze Board, the partner who selected them gets a $12 Referral Bonus.

Iraisers Cycle Incentives

What’s more payments, cycling from the Silver Board and higher additionally remunerates iRaisers associates with the accompanying motivators:

cycle out of Silver Board – a PC, “across the board work area” and paid outing to Dubai

cycle out of Gold Board – a “fresh out of the plastic new vehicle”, International Investment and Loan Fund Membership Card with paid outing to every planned gathering” and access to a “premium and guarantee FREE advance”

cycle out of Diamond Board – a “fresh out of the box new SUV”, $5 million dollar lodging asset and cut of 2% of information exchanges from the following nation iRaisers moves to.

Different motivations refered to on the iRaisers site incorporate a “worldwide benefit pool”, $10,000 “month to month remaining salary forever” and “different advantages” to be chosen by the organization’s unknown owner(s).

Joining iRaisers In Zambia

iRaisers associate enrollment is free.

Cooperation in the connected MLM opportunity anyway requires the acquisition of in any event one $16 cycler position.


iRaisers charges itself as a “simple approach to create easy revenue”.

As a functioning Member of iRaisers, we give you access to make up – to US $100,000 inside the following 180 days without working like a slave.

To accomplish the abovementioned, iRaisers offshoots take part in a marsh standard four-level cycler Ponzi.

An underlying venture of $16 is required. Cycle commissions at every grid level fill in as ROI installments, altogether supported by consequent $16 ventures.

This utilization of recently contributed assets to pay existing iRaisers associates a ROI makes iRaisers a Ponzi plot.

Of note is iRaisers guarantee KIA/Hyundai Motors, Angel Investment, UNICEF, Success Factory, Suzuki engines, Hp (and) Dell as “legitimate accomplices”.

No proof of organization is given. Moreover, given the illicit idea of the business, if one somehow happened to contact any of the above organizations chances are they’d have never knew about iRaisers.

Likewise with all MLM Ponzi plans, when offshoot enrollment vanishes so too will new venture.

Being a cycler this will bring about iRaisers’ grids slowing down. When enough grids have slowed down, an irreversible breakdown is activated.

Through iRaisers one $16 position pays a $3,313,115 ROI.

To place that into point of view, at least 207,070 $16 ventures are required for only one situation to completely cycle out.

Obviously the main positions getting anyplace close to that will be those preloaded by the unknown iRaisers admin(s).

Accordingly when iRaisers definitely crumples, they grab most of contributed reserves, included finances connected to uncycled positions in slowed down networks.

Every other person (counting you) loses cash

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