How to use VeChain (VET) in daily life

VeChain is a well-known blockchain that is geared toward businesses. VeChain’s network is immensely popular among enterprises that utilize it to implement their decentralized solutions all around the world. VET is VeChain’s native coin, and it has a wide range of applications. VET owners, for example, can buy NFTs, receive donations, and make payments. Check out this collection of the most common VeChain and VET use cases.

Vet Features

Accepting payments with Vet

First and foremost, VET is an excellent commodity to accept as money, and there are numerous ways to do so. NOWPayments, a non-custodial service that provides tools for implementing a VET payment gateway, is perhaps the simplest and most efficient method of featuring VET payments. Online merchants can take VET payments utilizing plugins for PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware, for example. VET crypto invoicing and a handy virtual Point-of-Sale terminal can also help brick-and-mortar retailers all around the world.

Paying with VET

Users can pay for products and services with VET at the same time. Because not every company takes VET as payment, there are a number of options. Zeux is a mobile app that allows users to easily start savings and investment accounts, track and manage their spending, and make payments. People may quickly pay for anything they wish with VET and a variety of other cryptocurrencies by using Zeux.

Getting VET donations

Organizations and people can receive more than just money. It is also possible to receive VET donations. In fact, there are various ways to go about doing it. Twitch streamers, for example, can add a cryptocurrency donation button to their page. A VET payments widget can be used by writers, musicians, artists, and photographers. Influencers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can get VeChain donations by sharing a simple link.

Additionally, Buy Me a Coffee is a simple tool that allows users to create a donation link for their followers.

VeChain Enterprises is a company that specializes in blockchain technology.

VeChain Enterprise Use Cases

VeChain, as previously stated, is a network designed for business use. As a result, VeChain is now used by numerous companies around the world to host their decentralized solutions. For example, the streetwear marketplace Deadstock uses NFC tags on each of its products that users can scan with their mobile device to have access to each product’s unique encrypted identity data stored on the VeChainThor blockchain. There are numerous other examples of how VeChain assists businesses in streamlining and improving their processes.

Buying NFTs with VET

VeChain provides infrastructure for establishing decentralized projects, including those in the NFT sector, because it is a versatile network. As a result, VET investors have a variety of NFT projects to choose from. The complete list may be seen here. VET can be used to purchase the NFTs used on VeChain. There are also VeChain-based NFT markets where customers can choose among thousands of incredible NFTs.

Traveling with VET

VET also provides its holders with limitless travel opportunities. Travala is one of the world’s largest booking services, and it allows its users to pay for their accommodations with VET. VET holders have more than 2 million alternatives to pick from. VET owners can also book flights and pay for tickets with VET, in addition to hotels. So, if you have VET and want to go on holiday, Travala can help you realize your desires.

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