How to start a blog in Zambia

One of the best ways to raise money from home in Zambia is being a writer or blogger in Zambia. When blogging from home, unlike every other work. You do not have to work 9-5.

Blogging in Zambia is simple to work at every time of the day. But it needs time to beware blogging before it begins to make money for you.

So I recommend you hop slowly into that sector. If you’ve got a day job, don’t leave. Launch your blog part-time. If it’s on the stage that you gain more than your safe limits, so moving into full-time blogging mode is the right way to.

Blogging in Zambia is suitable for:

People in Zambia who want to write and wish to share their experience and know-how with the world.

Skills required to become a blogger or writer in Zambia:

Capacity to express written information in a simplified and more effective manner in Zambia.

The time required to start a blog in Zambia:

The amount of time it takes depends on the level of experience if you are a professional you can easily start a blog in a few hours. A day or two will be enough to get a complete novice. You will need to hire a web designer in Zambia to design your blog.

Blogging tips as a Zambian you should know if you want to become a blogger:

  • In Zambia, Launch a blog about something you’re genuinely good at.
  • Try to always restrict your blog to a given domain. Don’t bring material into a single site on different domains. Writing on a fashion blog for example about food tips. Just have one domain unique to your blog.
  • Start making a special and amazing content using your skills and knowledge. Start giving the readers lots of meaning. Blog for something in your reader’s life that would make a difference in Zambia.
  • Listen to your blog followers in Zambia. Start overcoming the challenges that they face. Often return their questions with answers. Help yourself feel stronger.
  • Be dedicated to blogging in Zambia. A blog is a sort of like a friendship. Give it some affection and it’ll blossom. Miss this and death will die. There’s no point in your blogging attempts being half-hearted-if you don’t like it, why should anyone else like it?

How to monetize a blog in Zambia?

In Zambia, You can monetize your blog by promoting goods or services that are linked to the subject of your blog either by writing an interesting article or by putting banner advertising on specific pages of your blog.

When an individual buys a product suggested by you, you will receive splendid commissions.

Another approach is to put advertisements in your blog on Google Adsense in Zambia. More users press the more money you’ll make on your advertising.

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