How To Make Money With YouTube In Zambia

Learn How To Make Money With YouTube In Zambia, and also how much Zambian YouTubers earn to upload videos on YouTube

How Much Money Do Youtubers Make in Zambia?

The most popular place to make money will be YouTube. There are Youtubers who earn tens of millions of dollars without leaving their house by uploading videos.

Many of these YouTube stars are paying to do stuff they want, like video games or jokes. Or even kid toys that are unboxing.

I can’t guarantee you’re going to become Youtuber’s next million bucks. However, on this site we still have plenty of money to make.

What exactly is the sum of money? Below, I’m going to explain.

How Zambian YouTubers Make Money in Zambia

How are you doing on YouTube to make money? This is most of the people’s first issue.

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) offers five key ways to pay directly. I’m going to give every of you a brief description.

Ad Profit — The best way to make money on YouTube. Get charged if Google allows your content to display ads. Printing ads, overlay advertising, unskippable video ads, bumper ads and supported cards are used in ad formats.

Channel memberships — charge the subscribers a monthly fee. In exchange for their monthly payment, paying channel subscriber will have access to benefits such as emoji, badges and other deals. Great way to gain repeated profits.
Merchandise Shelf – Allows you to view your video content with branded products. Built for Youtubers who already sell goods on an ecommerce website for third parties. To push online shopping, use YouTube.

Super Chat & Super Stickers — When you broadcast a live video, your fans will pay for Super Chat and Super Stickers. The names and messages of these apps stand out during the chat feed. They can pin their comments to the top of the list, depending on how much they spend.

Users who like ad-free, off-line streaming and YouTube Music are entitled to a monthly subscription to YouTube Premium — YouTube. Creators will earn a share of the sales on the basis of how many YouTube Premium members view their content.
Your YouTube channel can also be used to make money out of the website. Three examples are partner schemes, marketing influencers and the licensing of the content. These are all managed and sponsored by third parties from YouTube.

Requirements for Making Money on YouTube in Zambia

You must comply with certain eligibility requirements before you can allow monetization on YouTube. You will first apply to the YouTube Program of Partners (YPP).

A legitimate and connected Google AdSense account (this is how you are payed) You must live in the region of a country where YPP is available Follow all YouTube monetization guidelines and policies Only when accepted into the partner system can you have immediate access to t. The minimum criteria for a YPP include: 1,000 + subscribers 4,000 + hours of public view in the past twelve months We must be in 18 + channel subscribers Merchandise shelf must not be 18 + Minimum 10,000 Super Talk & Super-Sticks subscribers Must be 18 + Minimum 30,000 Network subscribers Must be in a region or in a nation, or or one has its own special requirements: ad revenue must be 18 +, or have legal guardian 18 + who manages the AdSense account When that is not done, the accounting may be suspended.

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