How to Get More Views with TubeBuddy in Zambia

The TubeBuddy browser extension is used by more than 1 MILLION YouTubers. It is a free tool that lets you gain more views of your YouTube channel, making you more money. Learn how it can help your YouTube channel in Zambia.

Whether you’re on a tiny or wide platform, TubeBuddy allows promoting your videos simpler, doing keyword analysis, optimizing videos and much more. They also offer a version which is free and charged.

How Does TubeBuddy Work?

YouTube supports TubeBuddy, and it directly links to your YouTube page.

It instantly gives you tools and metrics which can improve your marketing on YouTube. Your YouTube Maker Studio doesn’t even have a quarter of the resources they have. If you want to get more views and make more money sign up for free on TubeBuddy!

TubeBuddy How to Get More Views
If you can’t watch the above video, they have some helpful features:

1. Retention Analyzer

Know at what part people are leaving your videos. Then you can add cards or improvements so might stay on your channel longer

2. Videolytics (free)

see what tags and keywords your competitors are targeting

3. Keyword Explorer (free)

See exactly what people are searching for on YouTube and how much traffic certain phrases get

4. Bulk Processing

Adding or removing bulk thumbnails, Cards, End Screen, and more. You no longer have to manually add or delete stuff
Other tools and benefits they have are:
Stats for SEO, engagement, subscribers
Suggested tags
Tag explorer, tag rankings, tag lists
Comment moderation and filters
Video management and optimization
Track channel milestones
Industry news
And more.

TubeBuddy has a long list of features which is why over 1 million creators use it.

Pros of TubeBuddy

Making the YouTube channel easier to market
Tons of free features not found within YouTube Creator Studio
This is “youTube certified” and is 100% legit
User friendly particularly for beginners
Offers tips on YouTube and lets you learn more
TubeBuddy Cons
For other features you must purchase the paid version
It is not doing away with the job. But the more you put in the better you get out
They deliver an app and a smartphone version but it works better on your device

TubeBuddy actually works and that is why it is being used by over 1 million creators. Even the free version will help your channel grow faster so we encourage you to try.

If you want to get more views and make more money sign up for free on TubeBuddy!.


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