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Learn How To Generate Website Traffic On A Budget. I own several websites and have worked with gurus who promised to drive traffic to them for the past three years. In fact, I’ve paid anywhere between $20 and $200 for traffic to my websites. My traffic increased from 500 to 8,000 visitors after I hired one person who charged a reasonable fee. After three years, his fee was no longer reasonable, so I decided to try another website. I saw no results after three months and two thousand dollars.

As many people are aware, search engines use algorithms to ensure that no one can outsmart the system. The gurus find a way to get around this by charging a lot of money to drive traffic to your site. The dance then continues, with search engines developing new algorithms. You’re either going back to the guru or looking for someone new the next thing you know.

Many of us have been duped into believing that increasing traffic to our websites and ranking in the top ten will bring us success. I can tell you from personal experience that being in the top ten didn’t have a huge impact. The number of keywords you need to rank in the top ten is the hook that gurus use to charge a higher fee. After a while, you’ll notice that a single keyword can have hundreds of variations.

Working with gurus sends your website’s traffic on a roller coaster. The gurus and the algorithms of the search engines determine your traffic and sales. Your website traffic and sales will plummet if you stop working with the gurus or if their magic stops working.

Working with gurus has its benefits, but you must have a popular website that sells. Begin with low-cost methods that will allow your traffic to grow. To learn more about your visitors and the keywords they used to find you, look at your status reports. This is something that a good hosting provider will include in your hosting package.

A wise marketer once advised me to get off the roller coaster and invest my money in methods that generate consistent website traffic. As a website owner, you should learn how to update your own pages so that you are not reliant on someone else to do so. The same is true when it comes to increasing website traffic. You will be free of the gurus and the search engine algorithms if you take the time and invest in building traffic on a regular basis.

Your best options are the most basic and time-tested techniques that take very little time. Submitting articles is one method I’m sure you’ve heard of before. Let me explain why it’s important to submit articles. When you’re discovered through search engines, you’re just another listing on all those pages. When I submit articles, I get a loyal readership who reads them every week. In fact, they gain more credibility, rapport, link popularity, and traffic when they visit another website and see other articles I’ve written on different topics.

A variety of methods are used to increase website traffic. While submitting to search engines is still important, it is only one component of a larger traffic-building strategy. Results from most search engines can take up to three months to appear.

Here’s some SECRET INFORMATION that most gurus won’t tell you. I’m using a traffic-generating system that anyone can use for free. In fact, it is simple to set up and only takes ten minutes of your time. This system is immediate, so you’ll notice an increase in traffic right away, and you can double-check your results with your own status reports.

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