How Profitable Is MTN & Airtel Mobile Money Business In Zambia

Know How Profitable Is MTN & Airtel Mobile Money Business In Zambia, how to become an agent and how to increase your profits in Zambia

What is MTN & Airtel Mobile Money?

Mobile money is a service that allows users to collect, store and use a cell phone to spend money. Often it’s called the’ mobile wallet’ or a similar service name like mPesa, EcoCash, GCash, Airtel, MTN, Tigo Pesa and many others. Worldwide, there are over 270 mobile money services, although they are most common in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Mobile money is common for both money and banks because there is a mobile phone signal which is easy to use, safe and used anywhere.

How Does MTN & Airtel Mobile Money Work?

Mobile money is a program that stores money with cell phone numbers in a secure online wallet. Often, but not always, the cell money number should be the same as the telephone code. The same firms that operate cell telephones in the country which are available both for subsidized users which consumers also find cell money available.

The app allows users to save, give and get money through their mobile phones. You can order articles in stores or online, pay bills, charge for school and change smartphone airtime. You may also withdraw money from designated agents.

When the customer wishes to transfer money or pay a bill to another person, he or she simply selects the corresponding service.

What Are The Benefits Of MTN & Airtel Mobile Money?

Virtually anyone with a cell phone will have a mobile money wallet. Banking is so available that in farther areas of the planet there are no branches, it is really useful. Here are other advantages: multifaceted–a mobile money plan helps too many people to do so. You can buy, shop, spend and transfer money on your cell phone all over your account.
Absolute–without intermediaries, consumers can transfer funds directly through their cell phones.
Rapid–users are able to quickly download, transfer and spend money.
Practical–mobile money accounting can be done anywhere a cell phone signal is available because it is placed on mobile phones. Mobile money can be used.

What Is An MTN & Airtel Mobile Money Transfer

A mobile transfers is a simple, convenient and safe transaction, in which a sender transmits money to another mobile money account from its bank, credit or debit card or own mobile money account. A mobile money account is requested by the receiver to pass and the sender is requested to have the mobile money account number of the receiver. Funds will then be immediately moved.

A mobile money provider develops and delivers financial services through mobile and cellular telephones. The mobile money operator provides financial services. These are two of Africa’s biggest prepaid banking operators: MTN–MTN sells prepaid cash to 22.2 million customers globally in 15 countries.

how profitable is mobile money business in Zambia

Mobile money business in Zambia is very profitable but your profits will depend on the following..

  • Availability of float
  • How busy the area is ( the more transactions you have the more you earn).

How to boost or increase your mobile money business/profit in Zambia

  • Always be kind
  • Greet your customers
  • Always have hard cash and in Account too
  • operate from a busy area.

Those are some of my tips, feel free to comment your views or contact me.

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  1. i read the article and i have found it helpful especially in terms of how to grow the Air tel money mobile business.


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