How Profitable Is A Tattoo Shop In South Africa?

Learn how profitable a Tattoo Shop is in South Africa. How profitable is a tattoo shop In South Africa? as more and more individuals begin to embrace the concept of tattoos in South Africa, tattoo shops are becoming more common South Africa. The profitability of any company varies and depends on a variety of factors, but we will look at a typical tattoo shop in South Africa. This is a brief summary of how profitable a tattoo shop is South Africa. On average, this is how profitable a tattoo shop is.

Demand for tattoos in South Africa

Each business industry is driven by demand, there has to be a need for what you sell. If the market is big, so that makes it easier for your company to succeed and become profitable in South Africa. The market for tattoo artists and tattoo shops is not missing in South Africa.

For several countries around the world, this is real, it was considered a stigma not long ago to have a tattoo. Tattoos were seen as demonic in Africa, which also applied to the rest of the world quite a bit. People nowadays, however, do not equate tattoos with anything taboo; some eyebrows are always lifted by a body full of tattoos.

Cost of starting and running a tattoo shop in South Africa

These are the costs that you will possibly face when opening a tattoo shop in South Africa, and these costs will have an effect on how profitable a tattoo shop is in South Africa.

  • Operating premises for your tattoo shop – Your first and likely largest expense would be running premises for your tattoo shop. You’ll need a rented room where you’re going to run your tattoo shop. The rental costs will primarily depend on the location from which you work.
  • equipment and furniture for a tattoo shop in South Africa – Before you get started, you will need to have all the necessary equipment and furniture for your tattoo shop in South Africa. Fortunately, this price comes just once; you’re not going to have to spend money on equipment every month. This will include some of the things you may need to purchase now and then, such as needles and razor blades.

How much can a tattoo artist make in South Africa?

In South Africa, the average tattoo artist can produce about R80 000 a month, given that he/she is the only artist in the store. Most artists earn between $30,000 and $50,000 annually in developing countries, while renowned artists can easily earn well above $100,000.

Let’s say you get about 10 customers a day to measure how much your tattoo shop can earn. This is quite a fair amount to expect in a decent location from even the worst-performing tattoo shops. Then try to multiply that by the amount of money you’re going to charge them less the costs you pay per person and the day’s operating costs. That is how profitable your tattoo shop is probably going to be.

How profitable is a tattoo shop in South Africa?

There are typically very high-profit margins for businesses that are in the arts in South Africa; this is because much of the work is focused on the artist’s imagination and talent. The work primarily depends on capital in other business sectors. A Durban tattoo shop earns about R15 000 every day; that’s a lot of money.


A tattoo shop is a very profitable business in South Africa since the earning capacity is limitless as it is an art-based company. Tattoo stores are constrained only by their physical location. Fees, the number of customers you have and the prices can all impact how profitable a tattoo shop is. If you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to share with anyone, and if you have any other questions, feel free to comment or contact me.

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