Hacking and cracking content | AdSense Program Policies

Do you write tutorials on how to hack or crack apps, software or anything else? Here is what Cecilia from AdSense is saying about creating Hacking and cracking content on your website.

Hacking and cracking content | AdSense Program Policies

Hello all My name is Cecilia, and I participate in external outreach efforts I represent the Trust & Safety team My role is to assist you as a publisher To better understand our policies and restrictions on publishers Most importantly, I also work with our internal teams.

To help them better understand the challenges facing you I’d like to talk about our related policies today Hacking and pirating content First, why do we care about that? We are always working on providing An integrated and successful digital advertising system Importantly, this means that we create policies and enforce Publisher restrictions to ensure that users and advertisers are protected by Publishers and their potential and trust With this integrated system.

Examples include content that violates this policy Content promoting any form of hacking Or hacking, providing users with instructions or tools Manipulate programs, servers, or websites Or provide unauthorized access to it Provides products to decode cable or satellite signals illegally Get services for free Provides information about illegal access To cell phones or other means of communication It provides information that enables users From live broadcasting videos if banned Content Provider for that Display advertisers’ ads on pages with content Provides unauthorized access to programs or servers Or websites that degrade users’ trust It will not benefit the integrated system as a whole Why is this important? Simply put, we have established these policies.

To make sure you provide good impressions For users on the Internet Advertisers trusted the advertisement on the Internet All our policies and restrictions on publishers Designed and implemented to build trust In the integrated digital advertising ecosystem The future of Google is linked to the future of our partners We believe in promoting an environment Allows users, advertisers, and publishers to all thrive By appreciating each party, we help ensure sustainability Our sector We hope this video helps you to better understand our policies Related to content hacking and piracy You can find other videos explaining Our Policies and Restrictions on Publishers In playlists on our channel Thank you

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