Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys – Secret Formula To Make Money In South Africa

Learn How You Can Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys – Secret Formula To Make Money In South Africa. On the Internet, paid surveys are a huge business. Genuine paid online surveys that pay well, on time, and in cash or equivalent are a good way to make money. However, this type of survey accounts for only about 20% of all surveys conducted. The first step to success in the paid survey industry is to understand how it works.

The second step in earning money by filling out surveys is to compile a list of legitimate paid survey panels that offer this type of survey. To find the second key, you’ll need the first key.

This is how the business operates: Large corporations require a constant flow of data on various aspects of consumer perceptions, preferences, and opinions.

These businesses hire market researchers to gauge public opinion and report back to them on their findings. Surveys are frequently used, and the methodology to be used is discussed.

Proposals are written, debated, tweaked, and finally approved and funded. A sufficient budget must be set aside to cover all aspects of a survey, including ensuring that participants are compensated for their time spent filling out survey questionnaires.

Market researchers hire survey makers to handle the mechanics of individual surveys, and some of them pay participants well, on time, and in cash or equivalent.

Others try to keep a larger portion of the overall budget for themselves by employing deception, promises, and lotteries to pay participants significantly less.

About 20% of the total is made up of high-paying survey makers. About half of the rest (40 percent of the total) does eventually/occasionally pay participants, but in smaller amounts. The other half almost never pays and earns money in other ways, such as selling items to their mailing list or selling their mailing list to sales companies.

The 20% of survey makers who pay well have a low turnover rate and almost never pay fees to recruit new respondents. They are not required to do so. Their survey participants are happy and stay with them because they are paid to fill out surveys.

The remaining 80% has a high turnover rate (surprise, surprise!) and must constantly recruit new survey participants to replace those who did not get paid and quit. They pay a lot of money to recruit new people.

When you Google “paid surveys,” you’ll find a slew of companies vying for your business by offering you a copy of their “free list.” These people live and thrive off the fees they receive for bringing YOU on board! Because a good 20% of survey creators do not pay recruiting fees, their names are rarely found on such lists.

Avoid “free lists” at all costs. The list sellers will profit, as will the survey makers on those lists, but the survey takers, those who want to be paid to fill out surveys, will not.

Okay, that’s fine. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” we now know. (-old Trojan proverb!) and stay away from “free lists.”

However, how do we go about getting a good list?

The answer is that we need to find someone who is concerned about whether or not we profit from their list. Paid online survey membership sites that keep lists of good survey makers for their members are the best place to look for such a list. You can join and get a copy of their list for a small one-time fee.

There are approximately 200 of these locations. Not everyone has resisted the urge to “double dip” and list a few (or a lot!) of survey companies that pay recruiter fees on their sites. As a result, we must choose wisely. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Only consider paid survey membership sites that offer STRONG money-back guarantees, such as those offered by PayPal or ClickBank, or by a bank. If a paid survey site won’t guarantee your satisfaction, and no one is willing to back up their guarantee, stay away!

This type of strong guarantee is offered by more than 70 paid survey sites.

  1. Among the companies that offer strong guarantees, look for one that has a low refund rate. Low refund rates indicate satisfied customers who used their list to get paid to fill out surveys, made money, and were happy.

High refund rates indicate dissatisfied clients who used the site’s list to get paid to fill out surveys but did not make any money, were dissatisfied, and demanded a refund.

So choose a paid survey membership site with a low (3-6%) refund rate and avoid those with refund rates of 9-10% or more.

Sign up for that low-refund-rate site, get a copy of their mailing list, and then sign up for all of the survey companies on that list. The more surveys you sign up for, the more you’ll be offered and the more money you’ll earn.

You’ll be in a good position to join the happy clients of a good paid survey site with a good list at that point. You should be able to cover your membership fee with the first 2-3 surveys. After that, you simply get paid to complete surveys and earn money.

The only way to lose is to obtain the list and then NOT sign up with all of the survey creators on it. Survey creators compete with one another and do not share participant lists. You must register with each of them separately.

If survey creators don’t have your application and demographic information on file, they won’t be able to send you surveys. You can’t get paid to fill out surveys if you don’t receive survey invitations!

So fill out all of your applications, complete the surveys, and wait for the money to come in!

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