FX GT Options and FX Global Trading

The FXGT or the Foreign Exchange Trading Strategies Group is a professional association which provides several different trading environments for traders and investors. The association was formed back in 1996 as a means of standardizing the trading environment between members. Its purpose was to standardize the trading philosophies and techniques of the members of the group. It has since then evolved into an international trading organization with specialized memberships for dealers, investment advisors, and investors.

The main aim of the FX GT is to help you secure a profitable trading environment by educating you about the different account types which are available for your trading needs. All members of the organization need to have an account of their own so that they can maintain their level of training and expertise. This is one of the many advantages of becoming a member of the association; the tools and information provided to you are constantly updated for your convenience. You can also choose to upgrade your account types at any time if you wish. Traders and investors who have completed all their trading through the use of the World Wide Web will find it very easy to maintain an FX account of their own.

One of the first FX GT account types which you can avail of is the Global Trading Account. The Global Trading Account allows its members to trade in five currencies, which are the major currencies of countries around the world including the US dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss franc, and the Australian dollar. You can also trade using the GBP/USD, EUR/EUR, CHF/CHF, and the NZD/NZD currencies. The Global Trading Account offers the traders and investors an opportunity to gain exposure to the currencies used in offshore trading.

Another one of the several account types which is offered by the FX GT is the Minimum Balance Protection (MBP). This is a unique feature of this account type; it offers traders and investors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of zero-account risk. With the zero account risk, they are able to enjoy a higher amount of return by using the highest level of leverage possible. For this, the trader and investor will be required to open a minimum one hundred and eighty-four thousand accounts, with a one percent margin. One of the benefits of using the Global Trading Account is that one can also choose to maintain a negative balance protection which is not available with other trading account types.

The fourth variety of the different accounts which are available by the Global FX Trading is the Live Account. With the Live Account, the investors and traders do not have to open separate accounts but they can simply trade by accessing the internet from anywhere through their mobile devices. The brokers for this service are providing it for both the clients who want to access their service across multiple locations and clients who want to trade on their laptops. The clients who are accessing their service through their mobile devices can enjoy the benefits of accessing the services twenty-four hours a day. The benefits of these accounts are that they provide the clients with increased flexibility and portability.

The last of the account types which are available by the Global FX Trading are the FX Scalper, FX Swing, and the Demo Accounts. The FX scalper provides the traders and investors with the ability to trade in cash while the Swing trades in securities. The Demo Account is a practice account which enables the traders to trade using real accounts without the danger of losing money. The Demo Account and the Scalper are specially designed for new traders who want to learn the techniques and methods of trading without the risks associated with actual investment in securities

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