Four best practices for Google AdSense Impressions



Are you having problems with AdSense impressions, The decrease in impression may be seasonal Or it results from changes in content. Today, I’m going to offer four suggestions for improving impressions in AdSense.

First, compare your locations in the reports If one of your websites is performing poorly Check for 404 errors, server issues and policy violations. Second review: the trends in your pageviews View your site data in Google Analytics To see if there have been any changes in your traffic.

Think about the promotions you’ll offer on your sites. Seasonal changes as well. Third verify that your account is free of’unable to enter’ crawler errors, The AdSense crawler can access dynamic web pages or URLs. We suggest you use Google Search Console To ensure that your site is crawled and indexed properly. Fourth, get started with the “ matched content” feature Matching content.

Suggestions are based on similarities between topics; It is customized to suit the reader. This increases your page views per session And increase your ad revenue as well And, last but not least, don’t forget to check out the video on optimization tips. In short, we talked about four suggestions: Learn about possible causes of low impressions To learn more. You can review the description for this video below And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to watch the upcoming videos. The link is below.

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