FNB Zambia Ewallet Review

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FNB customers can eWallet transfer money on a network to someone with a legitimate Zambia cell phone number. Money is immediately exchanged and can be used for buying unlimited air time, transferring money to a mobile phone or receiving cash from every FNB ATM.

How FNB Ewallet Works

The user does not need a wallet to collect money Every GSM mobile phone device can be used to transfer money or to accept the money. Money is accessible immediately through eWallet, and users can pass the payment via the eWallet, or through the eWallet, to friends or family members. Anyone transfers money to family members, or makes payment to everyone, simply and hassleless.

How To Enable FNB Ewallet On Your Phone

Set a safe 5-digit eWallet PIN Select the “Money” and then the “Money ATM” option, and you will be sent an ATM PIN to the FNB ATM at the cell phone. At the cell phone press the green button and then the “Wallet Services” key, and then the “Cash ATM” number, select your withdrawal amount. Make sure that your transaction is either done or that before you leave the ATM you pick “Cancel.”

  1. Dial *130*392# to access the eWallet
  2. Set a secure 5-digit PIN for the eWallet
  3. Select ‘Get cash’ and then ‘Get ATM PIN’
  4. You’ll receive an SMS with an ATM PIN
  5. Go to an FNB ATM
  6. At the ATM press the green button (Enter/Proceed) and then ‘Wallet Services’
  7. Key in your cellphone number and ATM PIN
  8. Choose the amount of money to withdraw. Make sure that either your transaction has ended or that you select ‘Cancel’ before leaving the ATM.

FNB Ewallet fees

Fees apply

To send money to an eWallet from your FNB account, costs K10.00

FNB Ewallet Daily limit

Send up to K10 000.00 per day

FNB eWallet balance

The FNB eWallet can hold up to K10 000.00 which can be drawn at any FNB ATM

FNB ewallet code Zambia

Dial *130*392# to access the eWallet.

There is nothing more terrible than losing your card in the wake of getting that money move you so urgently required. I know. I’ve been there. Fortunately however, FNB eWallet permits you to move cash and pull back it at any of their ATMs, cardlessly.

First you have to have an Airtel or MTN cellphone number to make moment money moves. You don’t have to have a FNB account so no structures must be filled, and you can utilize any kind of cellphone. eWallet is splendid in light of the fact that it is without bother banking at its best. You don’t need to pull back the entirety of your cash on the double so its useful for sparing purposes. In case you’re a web based shopping junkie, you can purchase products utilizing the Cell Pay Point. For a brisk revive, you can even purchase paid ahead of time broadcast appointment with it. Comfort is what it’s everything about.

FNB eWallet

To send cash on FNB eWallet, you can pick one of 3 different ways: cellphone banking; web based banking; or ATM.

For cellphone banking, dial *130*321# and pick the “send cash” alternative, key in the record you need the cash to be moved from, how much and furthermore to what number you’re sending to.

For web based banking, you have to sign in to your FNB account on the web and select the send cash alternative under the Payments Tab. Type in your pin, select which record to execute from, enter the telephone number you’re sending to and click “finish”.

For ATM exchanges, embed your charge card, enter the pin, and select the send cash alternative. Type in the sum and the number you’re sending to and afterward continue by following the prompts. Take your card after the exchange and you’re finished!

In case you’re the one getting cash you dial *130*392# to get to the eWallet. Type in a mystery 5 digit pin, select the “pull back” alternative, create an ATM pin, and you will get a sms on your cellphone with the pin you will use at an ATM. you at that point go to any FNB ATM, select the “cardless administrations” alternative, proceed “eWallet”, type in your cellphone number and pin from the SMS you got and pick the sum to pull back. Straightforward! Make certain to end exchange before you leave the ATM however.

Another straightforward method to get to the FNB eWallet is by downloading the FNB application on your gadget. It has exceptionally simple guidelines.

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