Email marketing and how it can help you grow your business in Zambia

Learn what email marketing is and how it can help you grow your business in Zambia.

Email Marketing is the leading digital marketing technique since email was created and a great way to deliver the commercial message via email to a group of people. You and the company have the ability to manage your own traffic because it gives you the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with either your existing customer list and email recipients, or new information opportunities.
As a business, knowing your consumers ‘ lifetime value allows email marketing to maximize recurring purchases and thus improve your return from your investment (ROI), while fostering customer loyalty through communication and value-adding.

Why you need Email Marketing in Zambia

Whether you are a online company, a marketer for partners or a network marketer, you can handle your business online and restore brand awareness via essential informations such as: Client Promotions Special promotions / Discounts Product Launches Essential News Blog Reviews Email Marketing helps you to convey your message to your brand. It is no wonder that email marketing is raining heavy and is going to keep raining in the coming years.

If you have a strong email list that’s loyal to your brand, you’re going to raise about $1 a subscriber, so if you’re a strong 10,000, you should raise $10,000 each month, which is why top digital marketers always say “The money is on the list.”

The Benefits of Email Marketing in Zambia

Email marketing has evolved since it was first sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, a marketers manager of Digital Equipment Corp., to the first mass email (for detailed schedule header for “The Evolution of Email marketing”) in 1978. Gary Thuerk paved the way for Email Marketing and its first mass email created over $13 million in profit, which was incredible for 1978, when you did not have all the benefits today.
E-mail marketing has changed enormously in today’s marketing processes. With strong autoresponders such as the MNU Mailer, which allows for greater control of the database, tap tracking, metrics, segmentations and demographic data to name a few.

Such benefits for email marketing in Zambia include:

It’s economical. Yes, initial setup charges exist, but email marketing is top-size for long-term affordability compared to traditional marketing platforms.

Enhances your company’s profitability. When you realize your email marketing worth for a lifetime, you get a better return on your investment, and it is a total innovation to employ an email marketing campaign with autoresponders beginning at $5,95 a month.

It’s fast and powerful. You will deliver a consistent message with only a single click to hundreds or thousands of email addresses of the server. Best of all— these people signed up for your news so you’ve got a captive crowd!.

This is measurable. It is measurable. Email Marketing gives you and your team measurable results to improve your marketing strategy.
It improves customer relationships. Sticking to your clients encourages brand loyalty, trust and training.

The Don’ts of Email Marketing you should know in Zambia

Spammers were drawn in by the attraction of quick money through email marketing. As mentioned earlier, by clicking on a button you can get to a large audience and this amazing power leads to the wrong type of person who abusses this.

Have you ever asked that your email account is so junk? I still get emails from people to whom I have never chosen. Many companies buy email lists from other firms, bloggers and so on that they are sending their services as well. This is legitimate, you will purchase lists from other people because the registry has been lawfully created, so this will proceed.

However, there are wrong methods for people to stay away, why? Why? As it is possible and will, ISPs (internet service providers) can ban and punish hundreds of thousands of dollars for spam.
Please stay away from these bad methods when you want to implement an email marketing strategy.

Do not delete email lists with email scrapers— it’s a bad thing— email account providers including Gmail, Outlook can easily take it up and that’s when it isn’t shutdown from the autoresponder providers. So please don’t try to trick your system, shut it down and possibly charged.
Don’t make promises that you can not fulfill— most scoffers won’t be one, or you will pay the price. There are many scammers.

Do not use black hat methods to cover your I.P email — Usually, people running their own servers use illegal methods to mask the identification of their mailing servers. Don’t do this, you will finally be exposed and you can brace at huge fines or time in prison depending on the impact.

Don’t spam — It’s a major email marketing problem. A variety of ISP and Mail apps, including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, are creeping in your e-mails. These bots scan e-mail content to determine if the quality or junk of your e-mail. Make sure your e-mails are quality free to prevent them from going directly to junk folder or worse banned from your autoresponder provider.

Stay away from copying and pasting e-mail series— a problem because of the home-based business where people copy and paste e-mail series. That’s the problem? When 1000 people send the very same message, providers of an email account can pick it up and begin to spam it. That’s why you’re going to see many email service companies moving away from home, because it’s getting hurt. Original content please create.
Okay, there you are now, you have a comprehensive understanding of email marketing to help you make the most of your email marketing strategy.

E-mail marketing provides you and your business with unbelievable results over time to ensure that your e-mail list keeps to white hat practices and adds value.

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