Do Psychologists Make Good Money in South Africa?

There are many cases where psychologists make good money in South Africa. Many psychiatrists and counsellors have established private practices, and their services are used by families, the homeless and even those with the disorders of personality. The South African market is one of the most lucrative of any in the world, and those psychologists who specialize in counselling, often end up doing business from abroad, as they find that the South African medical industry caters mainly to foreigners, making the psychologist’s services more valuable. Some psychiatrists also choose to work on a contract basis from abroad, so that they can benefit from the different tax structures and exchange rates between South Africa and the United Kingdom.

South African hospitals and other healthcare facilities often prefer those who speak English as their primary language, because it makes it easier for them to communicate with their patients and the medical staff. This is one of the reasons why there are so many American psychiatrists working in Kigali. There are also many British psychiatrists who have settled down and opened practices in Durban. One of the more prominent figures in this line of work was Brian Whitlock, who became popular because of his books about his travels across Africa. His success led to the opening up of a Whitlock clinic in Cape Town, which specializes in treating all types of mental disorders.

Today there are many different careers options available for psychiatrists in South Africa. One option is to set up your own practice, and many psychiatrists choose to do this, since there is a big demand for such professionals. They can either work independently or as part of a larger establishment. Since the economy is still relatively new, these areas are likely to continue to grow in popularity, with more practitioners setting up shops in major cities. The future for South African psychologists looks particularly bright, and the benefits offered by the specialization can make good money for those willing to take on the challenge and discipline it entails.

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