Do Car Washes Make Money In South Africa?

South Africa is well known for its magnificent mountains, but were you to discover that not only are there plenty of clean, beautiful beaches and other exciting attractions in the country, you could also make money from doing car washes in South Africa! The huge influx of foreign tourists in South Africa in the last decade has resulted in a growing demand for car washes, especially in the bigger cities such as Cape Town, Durban, Waterberg and Johannesburg. These cities have become the new tourist destinations, attracting people from all over the world to experience the relaxation, hospitality and cuisine that only a country like South Africa can provide.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of a car wash business in South Africa. The weather is one of them – with South Africa experiencing four full blown rainy seasons between July and November. If you can keep your car clean and dry throughout these months, you will find that you will not only make money, you will also have plenty of time left over to enjoy the hospitality of the local people and explore all the exciting attractions that the country has to offer. If you want to start a car wash business, the best thing you can do is ensure that you pick a good location in a large city.

A large car wash will attract more clients, especially during the wet season, and you will be able to attract people from all around the world who are looking for a place to get their car washed. You will need to provide good customer service and maintain a high standard of hygiene so that you maintain your client base. If you decide to set up a garage, you will need to consider whether it would benefit your business. Many businesses in South Africa have started out by being owned just by themselves; but there are other possibilities such as purchasing property and setting up an actual washroom. No matter what you decide to do, setting up a business in South Africa is an excellent way to make money, as long as you do your research properly.

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