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I used WordPress Managed Hosting for 30 days and got charged $5.4. Here is my honest Review. Closte is fast and affordable too, you only pay for resources you use individually. Closte offers hosting using Google’s infrastructure and Google CDN

Closte WordPress Managed Hosting Review, fast and affordable, you only pay for resources you use individually. Closte offers hosting using Google’s infrastructure and Google CDN
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What is is a WordPress managed cloud hosting pltform that runs on Google’s infrastructure and offers security faetures and Google CDN. The one thing that differentiates Closte from other hosting companies is that it has a pay-as-you-go pricing model that means you only pay for the resources you use individually like storage, RAM, CDN etc.

Features of

  • Closte offers Google Cloud CDN
  • Closte offers LiteSpeed Cache; the fastest WordPress caching plugin I personally use.
  • Closte also offers Google’s Brotli compression for lower data usage and faster load times I also personally use myself.
  • With Closte, You can manage multiple custom PHP versions
  • With Closte, you can manage your server with SSH/SFTP access for complete hosting control
  • Closte has another cool features of Live website debugging from your local IDE
  • With, you can view your WordPress logs with A web-based log viewer
  • Clsote offers DDoS, malware detection, and web application firewall (WAF).
  • With Closte, you can set and have Automated incremental backups Pricing

Closte has the pay-as-you-go plan which depends on CPU and memory (RAM) usage (includes staging site), Number of HTTP requests, DNS, CDN, Storage, CloudSnap and Emails. Closte ensures that you only pay for the resources you are using, and Closte ‘s website can give you an idea of how much you are paying based on the different resources.

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I am proud to announce that, I am now a Closte new since May 2020. Here is how I got charged for May with Closte.

closte fees

For 30 days with Google CDN enabled, got charged $5.56 for resources I used than for a previous hosting company was paying $25 monthly

Here is my video on Closte platform

Hope you liked the short review on

Since May 2020, am still on Closte, I have just switched to bunny CDN to save up on costs. Checkout my

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