Centric Swap (CNS) explained

One of the most pressing concerns in the crypto industry is its stability. Cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile, fluctuating considerably even inside a single day. Of course, there are stablecoins that attempt to solve this problem, but their methods have flaws as well. Centric is a project that takes a ground-breaking approach to crypto security. The system that governs the Centric Rise (CNR) and Centric Swap (CNS) tokens was created with the goal of creating a price-stable financial framework in the future. Centric’s main goal is to ensure that the purchasing power of digital currencies remains stable and that their values do not fluctuate. NOWPayments gives businesses and individuals the tools they need to accept CNS as a form of payment and donation.

To address the issue of bitcoin volatility, Centric takes a long-term approach.
Centric uses a two-token model consisting of the coins CNR and CNS.

What is Centric Swap?

The issue of volatility
Price volatility is a feature of cryptocurrencies, and it is their worst fault and the main barrier to their widespread acceptance. In the case of fiat currencies, a central bank protects their stability through the use of several instruments. Unlike dollars and euros, cryptocurrencies lack a single authority equivalent to a central bank that could administer monetary policies favourable to buying power stabilization. As a result, even the tiniest shift in demand creates significant price swings in bitcoin.

Despite many of its benefits, decentralization has rendered the majority of existing cryptocurrency assets akin to stocks. Cryptocurrencies are subject to manipulation and are valued largely on psychological factors. They are traded on uncontrolled stock exchanges. Furthermore, the lack of stability precludes the formation of crypto credit and debt markets.

Solution that is centered
Centric is a project that aims to solve the issue of cryptocurrency volatility. Centric believes that tackling pricing stability is considerably more crucial for crypto adoption and achieving the economic powers of the blockchain than following the rest of the industry and focusing on transaction throughput and smart contracts.

Centric offers a unique dual-token digital currency solution as well as a decentralized blockchain system based on strong economic principles. Centric’s dual-token architecture rewards adoption and stabilizes over time as token supply self-regulates to match changing demand.

Centric Rise (CNR) and Centric Swap (CSW) are the two tokens that fuel Centric’s dual-token concept (CNS). CNR has a fixed price and grows hourly, but CNS is identical to every other cryptocurrency in that its price is determined by current demand. Users can switch Centric Rise for Centric Swap and vice versa at any time.

CNR is denominated in USD and is set to trade for a predetermined and growing value over time. Centric’s methodology is comparable to central bank monetary policy, with the exception that it is based on a protocol-enforced algorithm in which economic experts operate as oracles to the blockchain and transparently determine the price one year in advance. Essentially, Centric creates a blockchain-based transparent central bank with predictable price rise.

Centric Rise is neither a completely free-traded token nor a stablecoin in the traditional sense. Centric’s nominal value is stable, but due to its freely traded ecosystem token, Centric Swap, it sees “effective” price volatility (CNS). Centric’s nominal worth is guaranteed by predicted price progression and an ecosystem of applications that use Centric Rise as their currency.

Centric’s mission
People’s perceptions of cryptocurrencies as extremely volatile assets may alter as a result of the Centric approach to cryptocurrencies. People might feel more at ease holding their savings or money in cryptocurrency because to Centric. A more stable cryptocurrency market might kickstart a new adoption cycle for cryptocurrencies, allowing them to make the jump from novelty to use.

What are the benefits of Centric Swap?

Centric is governed by the Centric Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Centric Foundation’s mission is to increase adoption by forming partnerships and funding creative projects that add to Centric’s utility.

Long-term planning
Since 2017, Centric has provided a defined vision for its growth. Centric is a project with a clear vision for the future, with a 10-year plan that encompasses products, services, partnerships, and regulatory compliance. Take a look at the Centric road map.

Adoption is a rewarding experience.
In the Centric economy, the exchange rate between Centric Swap and Centric Rise grows by a tiny amount every hour. As a result, users who hold Centric Rise get hourly yield. Centric Rise is currently yielding 14% per month as of this writing. With time, the rate of growth will drop, with a final goal of 4% each year.

Stabilizing the economy
The Centric ecosystem can now offer a synthetic-stable money because to the dual-token approach. The Centric protocol will ensure supply regulation of Centric Rise over time, raising the on-market price of Centric Swap to $1 USD.

Tokenomics Centric Swap

Information in general
Centric uses a two-token mechanism, as previously stated. Centric Rise has a 1,000,000,000 initial supply, while Centric Swap has a zero initial supply. The BEP-20 standard tokens CNR and CNS are issued on the BSC blockchain. CNR is a deflationary currency, whereas CNS is a flexible currency. In the early phases, the Centric Swap token is utilized to offer liquidity on the open market. Centric Swap is a low-volatility, zero-sum cryptocurrency that is issued and destroyed on demand to help Centric Rise’s liquidity. Centric Swap can be obtained by purchasing it from regulated brokers and exchanges. They can also convert Centric Rise to Centric Swap via the Centric convert protocol, which is decentralized and unchangeable. Centric Swap is equivalent to $1.00 USD in Centric Rise. It is not, however, backed by any assets, which distinguishes it from stablecoins.

Through a link with autonomous feedback systems, the two-token system assures a balance of aggregate demand. The two-token model’s dynamics work to keep Centric Rise at the agreed-upon rate of return while keeping the value of Centric Swap stable.

CNS fundamentals
Essentially, Centric Swap is intended to serve as a means of exchange, allowing the Centric protocol to interact with the existing blockchain ecosystem in a transactional manner. CNS tokens are generated at a rate of $1.00 per token in return for Centric Rise. CNS supply is solely determined by demand. Only when Centric Rise is deposited to the protocol can Centric Swap be created. Centric Rise has infinite cash thanks to CNS.

CNR fundamentals
Centric Rise is a deflationary cryptocurrency that provides regular returns and may be used to store value. It has an agreed-upon nominal rate of return that is fixed a year ahead of time. One year in ahead, the price of CNR is broadcast to immutable price blocks on the blockchain. It is liquid as a result of its connection to Centric Swap. It is fungible, transportable, durable, and divisible by nature.

Is it wise to invest in Centric Swap?
Centric is undeniably a unique idea with the potential to completely transform the crypto market. Centric has a strong vision for its future development and expansion. Every investor should familiarize themselves with Centric’s thorough roadmap. This demonstrates Centric’s commitment to providing real value. Centric’s two-token system offers a diverse range of investment choices. When seen in context, the value growth prospects for both CNS and CNR appear to be extremely promising. The Centric Swap token’s price had risen significantly as of the beginning of March 2022. Although the price of CNS is bound to fluctuate in the future, the evidence suggests that it will continue to rise as Centric continues to recruit new users and build demand for its tokens. As a result, CNS and CNR cryptocurrencies are attractive investments for anyone looking to profit from the future finance business. At the same time, we recommend that you conduct your own study and not take the above analysis as financial advice.

How to buy Centric Swap

CNS can be purchased in a variety of ways by investors. They can do so through centralized or decentralized trusted exchanges. Here’s how to get CNS on AscendEX, one of the most popular crypto exchanges:

To begin, you must first create an account and authenticate it.
The next step is to fund your AscendEX USDT account.
Then you’ll have to specify how much CNS you want and buy it.

How to get Centric Swap payments

Businesses and individuals can begin accepting CNS payments and donations, as previously stated. To begin using a Centric Swap payment gateway, simply register on the NOWPayments official website and select your preferred method of taking CNS payments and donations.


What exactly is Centric Swap cryptocurrency?

Centric Swap is one of Centric’s two tokens. Centric Swap is a freely traded cryptocurrency that provides Centric Rise liquidity on the open market.

What’s the best way to get Centric Swap?
To obtain Centric Swap, investors must first: 1. Select an exchange from this list.

  1. Refill their account.
  2. Enter the amount of CNS you want to spend and buy it.

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