Can You Make Money Selling Web Hosting In South Africa?

Can You Make Money Selling Web Hosting In South Africa?, let us find out. In the world of web hosting, there is a new fad. Hosting for resellers. Individuals like you and me can become web hosts (sell web hosting) without having to invest in all of the infrastructure and gizmos that come with starting a company.

For many Internet marketers, being a web hosting reseller for a web hosting business is becoming a very lucrative pastime. The ability to generate a monthly recurring income selling a service that any webmaster requires without incurring significant startup costs is a difficult business model to dismiss.

So, what is reseller hosting and how do you get started with it?

Reseller hosting allows you to resell the services of another web hosting company as your own. This is referred to as private labeling. In essence, they give you a discount on their web hosting services in exchange for you selling it as your own at whatever price you choose.

Reseller hosting can be as low as $20 per month. That means you can start a full-featured web hosting company without investing a lot of money.

The best thing about some reseller web hosting companies is that they handle all of the technological aspects for you. They provide you with round-the-clock help, maintain your servers, and will even bill your customers on your behalf, so all you have to do is sell their goods.

There’s more, so you can learn more about a web hosting company’s reseller service by directly contacting them. I’d like to concentrate on how to make money by selling web hosting in this post.

So, what’s the best way to make money selling web hosting? Here are a few of my personal favorites.

1 – Start a business and sell it on Ebay.

This is my preferred way of marketing my web hosting services. In a nutshell, I build turnkey businesses (businesses designed specifically to be resold) on Ebay and charge people a flat monthly fee to host the site they just purchased on my web hosting service.

You will see people doing this if you go to Ebay and look in the website/businesses for sale section. It can seem odd to see a website for sale for a few dollars. I never understood how they made some money until I realized they were making money on the back end, not from the selling of the company. They would build a nice, clean website, sell it on Ebay for a few bucks, and then charge the buyer to host it on their server.

This is perfectly legal as long as you tell them up front that they must continue to use your web hosting services for a certain amount of time.

On Ebay, you could easily sell 100 small websites per week. You could sell hosting for $10 a month on average. As a result, you could earn $1000 per week. However, since web hosting is charged on a monthly basis, you will be paid on a monthly basis for as long as they remain with your web hosting service. With Internet marketing, this is as close to a stable paycheck as you can get.

Whether or not you perform, you will be paid every month.

2 – Become a blog-only dedicated hosting service

Blogging is really common right now. It’s scorching outside. Every day, an estimated 40,000 new blogs are launched. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Can you believe it? While the majority of them are hosted for free, there are many blogs and writers that prefer the control of getting their own domain name and web hosting.

The beauty of blogs is that they need very little disk space and data transfer (bandwidth). You can host a large number of blogs with very little money and charge a reasonable fee for your services.

Another fantastic aspect of blogs and bloggers is that the majority of popular bloggers have multiple blogs. This is advantageous since blogs need little technological expertise on your part, allowing you to expand your company faster and attract more paying customers without the need for expensive and time-consuming technical assistance.

So, how can you get the word out about your blogging web hosting service? That’s an excellent topic! Here’s a safer solution.

Discussion boards! And not just blogging-related forums. Any forum, on any subject, may be ideal for a blog, and many people in forums are looking for a way to share their enthusiasm for their hobby or passion.

You could easily establish yourself as the go-to service for niche blogs. You might go after forums that discuss any subject. You name it: fishing, gardening, dog training, and pie eating.

Posting helpful answers in forums will undoubtedly get you a lot of skilled business. Just make sure you respond with useful information rather than overt advertisements for your business.

Offering something no one else does is the best way to create a lasting impression with this form of service. Perhaps you could have an ebook written about niche blogging secrets and give it away with every hosting sale, or perhaps you could give away free exclusive content that they could use on their blogs every month when they sign up for 6 or 12 months of hosting.

There are several ways to profit from reselling hosting, and as you can see, it is a very profitable business model.

Best wishes for your future.

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