Buy and Sell Bitcoin Using Mobile Money in Zambia in 2022

A lot of Zambians find it hard to buy and sell Bitcoin in Zambia from exchanges because they require passports and not everyone has a passport to verify their accounts. On a sad note, many Zambians still get scammed when buying and selling Bitcoin.

So this is where I Keith Rainz come in to help you buy and sell Bitcoin directly from me without too many complications.

The minimum and maximum amount of Bitcoin you can buy using mobile money

The minimum amount you can buy from me is Bitcoin worthy $10 and the maximum at a time is Bitcoin worthy $500. If you would like to purchase more than that, you can talk to me.

The minimum and maximum amount of Bitcoin you can sell to me using mobile money

Well, buying bitcoin from you will depend on how much worth of bitcoin you have and how much Kwacha I have. So once you contact me, will be able to tell you if I can or not.

How to pay and get paid?

When buying Bitcoin from me, you will be requested to send the money first. If you cannot trust me, try buying from somewhere. You will send money to 0977770202 (Keith Mvula) and you will also receive payments from this same number.

Fees to buy and sell Bitcoin in Zambia mobile money

To make things simpler, here are the rates will be using. I have simply added a K3 difference.

  1. To sell bitcoin to me, I will be buying Bitcoin from you at the rate of $1 =K14
  2. To buy Bitcoin from me, I will be selling to you at the rate of $1 = K20.

Other Fees

  1. Bitcoin network – The fee to send bitcoin depends on the amount. But it’s usually between $1 and $5.
  2. Bitcoin network – When sending Bitcoin to me, you cover for the transaction fee. You will only receive money according to how much Bitcoin I have received..
  3. When sending money to me (Kwacha), withdraw fee should be included.
  4. When sending kwacha to you, no withdrawal fee will be included, you will receive exactly the money worth your bitcoin.

How to get started

I am a busy person, I prefer being contacted on Whatsapp 0977770202 and going to the main point stating how much you want to buy or sell.

Terms and conditions

You don’t need to sign anywhere to agree to my terms. Just by buying or selling Bitcoin to and from me, it means that you agree to them. If you don’t then, buy or sell from somewhere.

  1. This is not a business, it’s more like help, so you need to be patient when you contact me.
  2. When you want to sell bitcoin to me, I will have to confirm if i have the kwacha to pay you. If I do, you will receive the kwacha within 30 minutes after I have received the BTC. 
  3. If you send bitcoin to the wrong BTC address which is not mine, that will be your loss. If you give me the wrong airtel money number, I would help you reverse it but that would be your problem, not mine.
  4. If I send kwacha to the wrong number by mistake, this will be my problem, and will try by all means to pay you and deal with that later.
  5. If you give me the wrong bitcoin address and you claim to have not received the bitcoin, that will be your own problem. About this, you don’t need to worry, you can always confirm using any bitcoin explorer to see if money has been sent or not.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Using Mobile Money such as MTN money and Airtel Money in Zambia in 2022

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Using Mobile Money in Zambia in 2022

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