How to use BunnyCDN for ShortPixel Adaptive Images

Learn How to use BunnyCDN for ShortPixel Adaptive Images

What is Bunnycdn?

If you’re in the SEO and internet marketing industry, then you know how critical the speed of a site is. But those days are gone because you’ve had to pay a lot for CDN services to increase the load times of your site.

CDN was once a premium service which only a few could afford.

But now, in a budget, BunnyCDN has made it easy to get your site load up to 10X faster.

I started using BunnyCDN on DigitalKube recently and I’m just shocked by the efficiency improvements.

Compared to before, site loads crazy quick around the globe.

I know it isn’t the fastest on the internet, but because of its size it’s the fastest my site ever was.

Even when you start a blog, I recommend BunnyCDN as one of the important WordPress utilities to have.

BunnyCDN, according to CDNPerf, ranks in the top 10 positions in the list of fastest CDN networks, well above world leaders like StackPath and KeyCDN.

BunnyCDN is a Slovene CDN service provider founded in October 2015 by Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel.

A professional and committed team of business veterans build their platform.

Their 10 + years of experience has helped them create a stable CDN network that does not cost you a lot.

What is a CDN and why do you need it on WordPress?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps speed up the online applications and websites. How? How?

We all host our sites in one location, right? We call that our datacenter spot.

Suppose your site is hosted in New York, and your site is visited by two people, one from Nepal and one from New Jersey.

In both cases the load time will be the same?
No, it isn’t going to be the same. Why? For what?

Since the user sends a message to your hosting service when you enter the address of a web site in your user.

The hosting server will then forward your link to your browser. This method can take longer if you are far away from the data center or the hosting server.

There are several reasons behind this, such as TTFB, waiting time, DNS resolution time, DOM load time, etc. This is why, if your datacenter is New York, your site can load much faster in New Jersey than in Nepal, theoretically.

But, a CDN makes loading your site around the globe easily.
CDN generates a cached copy of your website via several data centres. So if someone visits your site from Singapore, then CDN moves the cached copy from their nearest data center instead of loading your site from your data center.
You can see in the above example that the platform without CDN is hosted from a single datacenter all over the globe. Though several CDN PoPs are hosted at the site with CDN.

So this kind of arrangement can result in the following: Faster load times Less burden on your hosting system Less bandwidth usage of your network Increased protection I hope you so know what CDN is and why you need it. Now let’s learn about the star of the review today.

What is ShortPixel Adaptive Images?

ShortPixel Adaptive Images is a free, easy-to-use compression-specific WordPress image optimization plugin that offers the ability to resize, rescale, and display photos in their original file format or next-gen WebP format.

You are done, feel free to comment if you have questions.

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