Bluehost vs Namecheap – A Comparison of Web Hosting Services

A lot of people who are deciding on web hosts decide between Bluehost vs Namecheap. Both Bluehost and Namecheap provide a very wide array of hosting services, which include shared hosting, blog hosting, php hosting, virtual hosting, shopping cart software, database server hosting, shopping website hosting, and website builder tools. To compare which web host is going to give you more value for your dollar, let us compare what s contained in their most popular and highly rated shared web hosting plans: Namecheap Stellar Plus, Bluehost Plus, and Host Gator v5. These three plans are all excellent, but what makes each one stand out from the rest?

Namecheap’s Stellar Plus has the least amount of down time out of all three hosting services. The lack of down time is due mostly to the fact that this plan offers an all round security package, which protects the customer from virus attacks and hackers. Namecheap also offers the most customer support to its users, which is very important when it comes to running a business online. One thing that this company does well, is they have live chat available twenty-four hours a day.

Bluehost has the next best thing, and it’s definitely worth talking about. Namecheap’s customer service is excellent, and the technical support provided by Namecheap is simply superb. It gives people access to a personal level of support when needed, instead of having to call in at seven in the morning. The only downfall of Bluehost is that they don’t have any domain privacy protection. You should look into getting this security feature if you need it though.

We will begin with the hosting side of things, and here we will compare our results from Bluehost vs Namecheap. On the technical side, Namecheap wins by a mile. The design of the site, the layout and user interface, everything is top notch. Everything is designed so that you will feel satisfied with your purchase, and you won’t have any problems even if you’re not computer literate. Bluehost on the other hand, offers nothing in the way of a user interface, and their sales page doesn’t give you a reason to purchase their service.

When looking at the different pricing plans, we will find that Namecheap is the cheapest option. They offer a fifteen dollar monthly price for their basic services, which is about average. Bluehost on the other hand, has a couple different pricing plans that they offer, which can be helpful for people that need more features with their hosting services.

Namecheap’s site is easy to navigate and the information is easy to understand. Bluehost on the other hand, tends to put their customers on a long list of unsatisfied customers that don’t seem to know what they got when they joined. In addition, they only offer one main page, and their instructions and support are somewhat vague. The lack of ssl certificates, the lacking customer service, and the confusing layout of their site don’t help things much. If you need more than just a basic web hosting package, it would probably be best to go with Bluehost. This is basically what the site is trying to say: give us your credit card and we will do all the work for you.

Security is the next area where Bluehost tends to score higher than Namecheap. Namecheap only offers a single security option, and it is a weak security option at that. That is because it offers only padlock protection, which is kind of useless since everyone is using the same port to connect to their website. Even so, if you do find a vulnerability on one of your site’s pages, it doesn’t take much time to have the damage done. If you want more security, you can check out Namecheap.

Overall, both Bluehost and Namecheap have good web hosting services. However, if you need more than just the basics, I would recommend going with a company like Bluehost. They offer better security and more flexibility, while still giving you the service that you need at a price that you can afford.

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