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Are you a stay at home mum in Zambia? or are you tired with your job in Zambia? well here are the Best Work From Home Jobs For Women In Zambia

Hi there! Welcome to my post on “The Best Work From Home Jobs For Women!”

Isn’t it wonderful how we can really work from our homes today? That’s pretty good and really convenient.

We’re not going to have to get up early, and head out to our offices. Additionally, say goodbye to those “bosses” you really dislike.

Anyway, I will send you the best work from home employment for women in this post. Some of these, however, will refer to men too!

Check out these, and choose the ones that suit your interests. It’ll be more than just a job, that way!

Without ado, let’s get started.

Here are the work from jobs for stay at home mums in Zambia and women in Zambia

Online Writer in Zambia

Perhaps writing is the most popular work one can find online. You may write about a company, about other people or about your own life.

And there are a lot of reasons why you write about it, whether you want to encourage, educate or entertain. However, if you ever want to have a stable job writing online, you’re likely to be working for a business or making yourself a blog.

In your company the mode for each task varies. You will need to write with any word count criteria, you might be charged with interviewing someone and then writing about them. In addition, you will periodically participate in science.

Being an online writer calls for versatility. It is a perfect work for those who have the courage to speak their minds, who have no fear of sharing their thoughts and a desire to inspire others.

Some businesses can allow a potential employee to get a written degree. But others aren’t that rigid, so long as your spelling is strong and you’ve got a word knack.

Online writers’ average pay is around $24 an hour, and there are plenty of sites where you can start, including LinkedIn or

Become a Social Media Manager in Zambia

For order to become a social media professional one needs to be familiar with technology and the world of the Internet.

These days, almost every person participates in social media, no matter their age. Everyone’s aware of the happenings, developments and other news via social media. The work name is very self-explanatory.
Social media executives are handling brands as well as building and increasing them to continue their popularity.

In addition, they build content, do promotions and advertise on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mainly, what you’re doing is making sure the brand you’re supporting consistently earns fans, subscribers, or viewers for exposure.

We need to be imaginative enough so that people won’t get sick with what we support.
This work pays approximately $13-$14 an hour. You may either apply directly to companies or visit such places as Indeed.

Become a Virtual travel agent in Zambia

This could be a job worth work on for all travel lovers out there. As a travel agent or consultant, in many countries you need to have information about locations, about etiquette.

You may have made a lot of yourself traveling and want to share your observations and information with your customers.

And if you haven’t made a lot of travel but you’re in love with places and you’re good at designing itineraries, this job is also for you.
You start by reserving tickets for your customers, then you write them down an itinerary and maybe book a hotel.

It’s always just accompanying men, so they can have great experiences and trips in beautiful places.

When problems occur, you will need to know how to approach the situation, and have alternatives.

Really, this is a fun and fascinating work because it’s like you’re traveling yourself and helping others make memories. The average pay for this kind of work is about $13-$50 an hour, and you can find out at either Zip Recruiter or Glassdoor.

Become a Search Engine Evaluator in Zambia

If you’re looking for something, say, an assignment about American presidents, you get loads of results with one button.

So you see what you’ve been waiting for fits with the tests that are coming out. This is the work of evaluators of search engines.

To be successful at this work, you also need to be updated on what’s happening lately, the latest trends, the popular awareness of various cultures and more.
Search engine companies depend on you for the accuracy and timeliness of the performance. Your nature also helps to retain the consistency and significance of the performance.

If you’re up to this job you do need to be professional in English. A search engine evaluator makes about $13 an hour and you can apply to firms such as Leapforce At Home and Appen Butler Hill.

Become a Transcriber in Zambia

This work is very easy not needing much experience. What you are doing is just listening to the audio files and finding out what you hear.

Basically all you need is: a computer, headphones, speedy typing skills and good listening abilities.

Some firms even let you build your own schedule so there’s less friction.
Mostly, you’ll listen to a scientific dictation of a doctor’s college lectures. You will need to look out for punctuation marks so that sentences or concepts are not misstated.

Visit or and earn up to $60,000 a year if you want to try this work out.

Become a Online Tutor in Zambia

People who work as online tutors are typically very professional and fluent in English, since most tutees want to learn English.

Even if this isn’t the main objective or lesson, being great in English is like becoming a teacher because it’s the way messages and ideas are exchanged and shared.

This work often takes a significant amount of time, depending on the session agreement.
If you are tutoring in mathematics, you need to have extensive knowledge and background on the subject, so that you can serve your tutee better.

You do need a means of transacting knowledge and communication like Skype. If you are interested you can visit and receive about $14-$25 an hour.

Become a Vlogger in Zambia

These days Vloggers are everywhere. It sure makes them happy, whatever their intention is.

If you’re into vlogging, you can apply for a firm to endorse their name and get paid.

You can create your own YouTube channel and upload your vlogs, if you want to be independent.

Vlog material can be about anything, as long as it’s useful, entertaining and you’re good at it.
Women cook, design, make DIY things, beauty tutorials, family vlogs and more, the list is endless.

In addition, some also do vlogs on how their day went, their past encounters, what their feelings are about people and life.

You just need a phone, a friendly personality, confidence and interesting content, and account.

Your pay depends on how many subscribers you have and how many views you have of your videos.

Become a Virtual Graphic Designer in Zambia

Women who are of course great at designing are ideal for this work. Creativity is important here because people are going to patronize the work for its meaning, elegance and creativeness.

Most of the time, you’ll focus on graphic arts by designing or arranging images, developing digital templates and creating brand logos or labels.

You do need to learn how to make better use of Photoshop or any other editing tools.
Because it actually happens, the employee is not only required to create beautiful designs.

In addition, to make them better with the aid of technology, because some people may only be good at drawing their designs but not as good at digitally creating them.

At Glassdoor or Indeed, you will apply for this type of job, and earn an average of $19 an hour.

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Bottom line Well you got them there! The best female work from home jobs! Both of them are fantastic and, if you work hard, can be very satisfying.

Also, again my advice is to choose the one that really suits your interest. Think about it, you’re not only going to do your job, but something you enjoy too!

I am actually one of those people who enjoy working online and from home. I just feel like I’ve got more flexibility and they pay more than conventional jobs, to be honest.

If you want to know how I am doing this, go on reading the next segment.

Thank you for reading my post entitled “Best Work From Home Jobs For Women” Please leave them on the comment section below, if you have questions or suggestions.

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