AstroPay withdraw fees in Zambia

Currently, it is not possible to withdraw money from astropay in Zambia. Luckily, you can send the dollars to me and then I can send you kwacha. To do this, there is a fee I charge and is as follows.

0 to $10$2
$11 to $25$5
$26 to $40$9
$41 to $80$15
$81 to $120$21
$121 to $160$30
$161 to $200$40
$201 to $300$50
$301 to $400$80
$401 to $500$100
Astropay withdraw fees in Zambia

To withdraw through me, you will be requested to send the dollars to me on astropay then I send you kwacha via mobile money. To get started, WhatsApp 0977770202.

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