Am I really leaving YouTube?

Who am I? what do I do? what is my channel all about?… I am sure you have asked yourself one of the questions above before. Well is my short history summarized.

Long ago, I was a forex trader and many people from Zambia were contacting me to teach them forex trading. Teaching forex trading to people individually became a hard thing to do, So I use to record videos, and send them a download link. This also became a problem.

So I started my YouTube channel and made forex videos and I grouped them into a playlist called “Forex and Indices trading full course” This playlist has all the videos you need. From what is forex to complex strategies” The forex playlist is the reason why I have so many YouTube subscribers and Telegram members because I also offered some premium forex files for free only if people followed me or subscribed to my socials. And I am very grateful for that.

But suddenly I left forex trading due to my personal reasons of which I made a video about. But the playlist for forex is still there on YouTube for anyone who would like to learn. Also the Telegram channel and group is still working with over 6000+ forex traders in total, it’s like a forum where people chat, share ideas and learn from one another about forex.

What is my goal?

Well, my goal is to be able to make money even when am sleeping. This is possible when you have multiple online businesses that generate money for you 24/7 stress-free and forex trading is not among the business unless you have a lot of capital.

From here, I started many playlists such as the “affiliate marketing playlist“, “how to create YouTube videos without your voice and face and make money” and some money making videos.

Why have I decided to be different?

There are thousands of videos posted everyday on YouTube that are getting more than 100,000 thousands of views and the channel owners are really making money out of you of which these videos about making money never work at all. And most of these YouTubers, they just copy them selves and change titles but it’s one and the same thing.

I really need money but not that type of money where my viewers are not making anything. This is the reason why I have mostly been posting proven tried money making opportunities while showing you proof that it has worked for me. Unfortunately, people don’t like real stuff, so my videos end up only getting 100 views in a month despite me having a lot of subscribers and people end up watching a video having a title like ” How to make $1000 in 2 minutes” from other YouTuber and still fail to make $1 in a month. Hahaha.

Well, one of the reasons why I get low views despite me having a lot of subscribers is that I am not sticking to one niche, I post different type of videos every time. My YouTube channel, does not control me, I control it. So I post what ever I want. Those who want to watch, can watch. Those who do not want, they don’t.

As at now, I don’t even beg for people to subscribe or like my videos. I actually give them a choice, if they want, they can like or dislike. This is because am not on YouTube for fame or to entertain. Am on YouTube to teach and in the process, we both get to make money and succeed together.

Am I really changing my niche?

Few weeks ago, I made a video about “the sad truth about money making apps, are they real?” And I said that, these money making apps and websites, they are businesses for other people and they are there to make money out of you not you making money out of them.

Yes you can make money from the apps and websites but it is very little compared to the effort you can put in your online business.

The sad truth..

Not everyone can be a YouTuber, a blogger, or a forex trader. But the truth is that, everyone can be a business owner. Everyone can be a CEO.

This is why I am encouraging everyone to start their own online business. It can be about anything, as long it’s online and it generates money for you 24/7. If you don’t have any online business idea, don’t worry, that is why my channel is there. If you are having struggles coming up an online business idea, or how you can monetize your talents or skills, you can contact me to consult. And I will gladly help you both for free and paid.

It’s time to stop promoting other people’s websites and promote your own online business. So for now, I am going to focus on the playlist called ” How to start a profitable blog/website that generates money 24/7″.

Will probably change it to “How to start an online business that generates money 24/7 for you“.


If you are really serious about becoming independent and having an online business that makes money for you. I advise you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. But the YouTube algorithm, has really changed. So don’t end there, click on the notification bell, and click on all notifications so that you get notified when ever upload a new video. Also join my free email list. Money making videos will continue when ever I find a legit platform. I am not a fan of vlogs, but they will continue as well. Forex videos will continue. Tutorials will continue. Videos on my second Zambian YouTube channel called “Keisha Rainz” will continue as well.

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