Airtel Money Withdraw Charges in 2022

The following is a summary of all Airtel Zambia withdrawal costs. In Zambia and other countries, Airtel offers an amazing Mobile Money Service. Airtel Money Transactions have a reasonable tariff, similar to MTN Zambia’s withdrawal charges and Zamtel’s.

It is critical to understand the price for each transaction you are about to conduct in order to prevent incurring an unexpected expense. A full article about mobile money services in Zambia can be found here. *778# and *115# are the short numbers for Airtel money withdrawals, transfers, and bill payments (New short code). Click here to discover all of Airtel Zambia’s new USSD codes. For Zamtel, MTN, and Airtel, there is also a consolidated short code USSD.
It’s also worth noting that each sort of transaction, such as international money transfers, bill payments, local money transfers, and bank transfers, has its own fee.

Let us remind you of the following crucial points before we look at Withdraw charges:

All deposits are completely free (An Airtel agent should not by any means charge you any amount when you are depositing money).
It is completely free to sign up for Airtel Mobile Money.
Maintaining an Airtel Money Account does not require a minimum balance.
Even if you submitted inaccurate information, a fee is non-refundable upon Bill payment.
During withdrawal, the system automatically deducts the charge.

Airtel Money Withdraw Charges in 2022

5 to 1502.5
151 to 3005
301 to 50010
501 to 100020
1001 to 300030
3001 to 500050
5001 to 10000100
Airtel Money Withdraw Charges in 2022

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