Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to avoid in Zambia

Are you an affiliate marketer or planning to be in Zambia? Here are the top mistakes affiliates make in Zambia that you should avoid.

Affiliate Marketing Sounds Easy in Zambia?

To a certain extent … but it depends on a simple but essential factor – traffic!

You ‘re going nowhere if you can’t handle guided traffic!

Any point in submitting a Fitness Promotion to people who have signed up for a Knitting & Crochet blog and vice versa.

Likewise, if you buy traffic (pay per click or advertising on Facebook) you need to know your audience and what motivates them!

Back in 2012 affiliates of Affiliate Summit AffStat Study were asked how they usually push traffic to their website …
At least 60 per cent of affiliates use “blogging” as their main “moving traffic” tool to their website in 2012.

But it has changed Affiliate Marketing!

Yeah, blogging still works and you can use it – but it takes a more nuanced approach, better analysis and, above all, better writing these days!.

Affiliates in Zambia just promote products and services just for money

This is the Ugly Side of affiliate marketing-it is immoral to advertise any company just for commissions. Try any product you sell yourself for starters and ask yourself, should I buy it?

Now assuming you’ve found a product that you want to support, how can you be confident your readership will want to know about that?

For example, you can do some valuable market research from publishing articles on your blog.

  • Try to identify the highest number of social shares for the articles on your blog.
  • Identify the posts with the most reviews.
  • Identify the posts most closely related to.
  • Identify the articles which drive the most search engine clicks.

And obviously, by running a survey on your blog you can also find out what your followers need most.

Affiliates in Zambia do not invest in tools to help them prosper

There’s no business you can do online with success without investing in the right resources. For bloggers who want to be competitive in affiliate marketing, there are a few resources that you need to get to have a positive impact on your sales. Many of these services include;

  • Premium high performance web hosting
  • Fast-loading technical theme
  • Plugins for Premium product rating promoting user-generated input
  • Conquest popup
  • SEO tools-Plugins like Yoast, for example

Perhaps most importantly, the …

They aren’t keeping up to date with marketplace changes. Technology, SEO and social media are constantly evolving – please understand that what works now will work 6 months from now on differently.

Affiliates in Zambia do not know much about products they promote

This one is a close relationship to just promoting a product for the money! How do you ever effectively sell anything without knowing the product. Will you be buying a car from a dealer who didn’t own a car?

The best affiliate sales I’ve ever made as an affiliate marketer have come from a product that I use myself. This is the best way to position you to make the affiliate company more money.

If you support a product that you are using, you should be endorsing it from a satisfied user’s perspective. You’ll be able to see how it helps you out. Remember readers love ‘stories’ and one of the best persuasion strategies is the tale about how you discovered and fell in love with this product. (But note it only works if it’s real and true – I strongly discourage stories from ‘made up’).

One more hint:
Many product designers can create a letter of sale – professionally written by a qualified copywriter but note, people buy from people, so I encourage you to add your own presentation when promoting a product (video is good). Simply saying ‘check this out’ rarely works – give a reason why people should check this out!

Affiliates in Zambia just copy what others do

If you want to make extra sales, you need to set yourself apart from other affiliates.

Too many affiliates just make a copy and paste-do n’t! Be an innovator-come up with an idea that most don’t have.

Can you find a profit other people didn’t have? This could also be just a benefit to you and a few others, but add the benefit to someone else’s chances to see it as a benefit too.

In addition-and this is very important, add your own STORY as to why you’ve been involved with this product …

Recently I read the success story of a mother who started online simply to earn money to pay for her daughter’s horse riding lessons. This was the Newbie Marketer’s goal, of course, and it also had all the essential feeling of ‘feeling good.’

And you can do other things …

  • For example;
  • Giving the followers a special bonus
  • Give product author a special discount code
  • Get author’s co-branded sales website

Effective affiliates are innovators – always trying to add value to the deal, either in terms of a special incentive or, in my view, better yet – discover an angle or tactic that no one else is thinking about …

Affliate Marketing in Zambia – Change is creativity that unlocks new value.

Affiliates in Zambia lack strategies that work

Now, this point is closely related to point 5 above. If you use your brain as an affiliate blogger, you can always come up with promotion strategies that others don’t have. Most affiliate marketing platforms today allow vendors to generate special coupon codes for their affiliates. The best part is that most vendors are ready any time to get a unique code for you. With this in mind, you can always negotiate special deals for your readers.

One of the things I did in the past that generated some crazy sales is that I arranged a product-focused interview with a vendor on my blog. This enabled me to phrase questions that triggered appropriate answers to provoke more sales. You must always think of such new strategies and do things differently in order to make more affiliate sales.

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