7 tips on how I get YouTube subscribers in Zambia

Are you struggling in getting Zambians to subscribe to your YouTube channel in Zambia? Learn how I grow my YouTube subscribers in Zambia.

how to grow YouTube subscribers in Zambia

1. Post More Videos on your YouTube Channel in Zambia

Upload as frequently as possible, and be consistent.

You should post about this at least once a week. But, if you can upload content of quality more frequently, you should.

Casey Neistat is a favorite of mine on YouTubers. He had gained 500,000 subscribers in his first 5 years. But when he started uploading daily vlogs, in 5 months he ‘d got 500,000 more subs.

Casey said, “If you want to be successful here, you have to show up for work. Every single. Day.”

He sits at 12 million subs at the time of this writing,.

2. Use Other Platforms to get YouTube views in Zambia

Native to sharing the videos on Facebook. Upload to Blog. Post Twitter photos, and post eyeballs anywhere you can find.

It’s easier to create a large YouTube audience when you are already using other platforms. But you can as well grow fast even without a large audience somewhere else just I have grown mine.

3. Make use of featured channels in Zambia

Strategically partner with other channels to grow your subscribers.

On your YouTube homepage, when you scroll down, you can add “Featured Channels” of other YouTubers you like and recommend.

If you get similar channels to feature you, you’ll start to get new viewers very quickly!

4. Collaborate with other YouTubers in Zambia

If you have some momentum and at least a few thousand subscribers, chances are that another YouTuber will be happy to collaborate with you.

Find channels with a similar audience and similar size.

Then, send your followers to that page by doing a shoutout or incorporating them into your video. The other channel will do the same for you.

5. Make a YouTube Channel Trailer in Zambia

Introduce yourself to new viewers by creating a channel trailer.

The video will autoplay when a non-subscriber visit the homepage of your channel.

It’s an opportunity to get people interested in your content and watch more videos.

Make a captivating video that describes what you’re all about.

6. Make use of YouTube Trending Videos in Zambia

If something big is happening that your audience cares about, make a video related to it.

Capitalize on something that’s popular in your area, on the news, or just trending everywhere.

For example, hundreds of YouTubers made Pokémon GO videos when the game came out and took the world by storm.

Google Trends will help you find big keywords and show you what’s popular in different areas.

Make Evergreen Content on YouTube in Zambia

What’s trending now will eventually fade away. Evergreen content will be relevant for years.

Creating content that is timeless and stays “fresh” for viewers is a goal every YouTuber should have.

A lot of timeless content will create too much momentum to fail.

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