5 Ways to Use Podcasting As a Marketing Tool

Podcasting is fast becoming one of the most popular Internet marketing tools available today. Why? Because it is so easy to learn, it is relatively inexpensive to implement, and it provides high conversion rates. There are even some companies that now pay you to podcast for them! Who doesn’t love making money? ?

First, let’s talk about how to podcast for business. There are many places on the web where you can find free podcast files. These can be used straight from your computer or your iPod, or they can be used as references for networking and other promotional tools. Some places charge reasonable fees for these podcasts. You should definitely check out all these different options. They are a terrific, low-cost way to promote your business.

Second, you can make podcasting videos for your business. Again, there are free and paid video podcasting sites. Some of them are better than others. You may have to do a bit more research in order to make a good decision here.

Third, you can use podcasting as a time saving method for yourself. If you are spending lots of time at your computer, why not turn that time into money making time by making podcasts for your business? All you need is an Internet connection, a microphone, and the ability to produce high quality audio files. And a bit of time to spare. You could easily podcast for money without spending a lot of time going to a job, meeting with clients, or anything else that takes your attention away from the things you really want to be working on.

Fourth, you can make some extra income on the side with podcasting. This can be done by hosting a party for people who come to your site and just need to have some fun. You can also put together a few minutes of podcasting and make a little bit of money when people play it through their radios or satellite systems.

Fifth, you can use podcasting to build relationships with your prospects. People can tell if you are a scam just from the way you talk. When you use podcasting to share your thoughts and ideas, people start to trust you. They start thinking that you are sincere about your business and aren’t just looking to scam them out of their hard earned dollars. You can use podcasts to talk about what you are doing, your future plans, and how your business is different from all your competitors. You can show some proof of your success.

Sixth, using this marketing tool can actually increase your sales. You don’t want to spend all your time telling everyone how great your product is and that you will give them everything they ever dreamed of. Keep it simple. Podcast your thoughts and ideas, and give a bit away in each episode. When people hear about your product and are interested, they will contact you to see more information.

Seventh, you can promote your business for free. There are dozens of websites and blogs that let you promote for free. All you have to do is set up an account and start sending out emails. Each one of these emails can have a link back to your site, or to your products and services. This gives you a chance to talk about your company and build your credibility. You never know, maybe someone who reads one of your emails will want to try your products.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, podcasting allows you to make and listen to audio files on the fly. You can record a show and watch it at any time. You can add music to your podcasts, and even record interviews of people who are thought leaders, or other thought leaders. You can then send these audio files out to everyone who you need to talk to about your business.

There are tons of different uses for this marketing tool. Some marketers use it to talk about their business, share information, and promote themselves and their companies. Others use it as a fundraising tool, using sponsors and advertisers to plug into their shows. And, others still use it as a way to turn people into customers. It’s really limitless.

If you’re going to use podcasting in your business, make sure you get permission from the people you’re going to be sending information to. If you don’t get permission, you could be looking at legal trouble. Podcasting is growing in popularity, and using it is a great way to grow your business. Get started today!

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