5 ways on how crypto can boost your income

Many people see cryptocurrencies as valuable assets and promising investments that will allow them to earn handsomely in the future. Simultaneously, many people are unsure what else they can do with their crypto beyond from hodling. We’ve put up a selection of the most intriguing possibilities for you to examine if you’re looking for a means to supplement your cryptocurrency holdings.

Cryptocurrency investors can supplement their income in a variety of ways.
Staking, lending, and affiliate marketing are just a few examples.

Is it possible to get crypto passive income?

The primary question remains, however: Is there a way to create cryptocurrency passive income? After typing in the words “passive income, cryptocurrencies” into any search engine, you’ll certainly see a slew of articles, the most majority of which will give you favorable results. Staking, lending, affiliate marketing, yield farming, and founding your own crypto business are the five major ways to earn crypto revenue.

5 ways on how crypto can boost your income

1. Staking

Staking is a method of authenticating transactions on blockchains that is utilized by a number of industry networks. Staking participants frequently receive cryptocurrency as a reward for their efforts. Staking, unlike mine, does not need the use of any special equipment and just requires users to lock a specific amount of cryptocurrency in a smart contract. Staking is one of the simplest and safest ways to make a passive income. When you use staking, you can almost always count on getting your money back. At the same time, it’s critical to choose blockchains wisely, selecting only those that have adequate security and protection methods.

2. Lending

Another approach to earn passive income with crypto funds in your wallet is to lend them out. Lending is a type of decentralized financing in which you lend your cryptocurrency to borrowers, who must then put up a set amount of cryptocurrency as collateral. Lenders that use cryptocurrency can generate a consistent revenue in the form of interest. The actual interest rates fluctuate based on market conditions or a specific coin. However, the majority of the time, loan interest rates are really appealing. At the same time, it’s important to understand that lending is dangerous, and you could lose your money at any time.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a relatively risk-free approach to get additional crypto revenue. Different organizations selling crypto services utilize affiliate marketing to offer specific programs to their partners. Affiliate program participants can essentially invite others to use a crypto company’s services in exchange for a commission. NOWPayments, for example, allows anyone to become a partner and participate in a fantastic affiliate network. You gain a share of a merchant’s revenue if they use NOWPayments’ solutions. The program lasts for five years, so if your recommendation utilizes NOWPayments’ services frequently, you can be assured that you’ll be covered for the following few years.

4. Yield farming

Yield farming is similar to lending in many aspects, only it includes depositing your bitcoin into a decentralized liquidity pool rather than a centralized one. Yields are the annual percentage yields that farmers receive, which typically exceed all possible interest rates. In other situations, yield farmers can make double as much as the cryptocurrency they invested. Yield farming, on the other hand, is riskier than traditional lending. Decentralized apps are used for yield farming. Furthermore, yield farmers can earn extra currencies in addition to interest when they lock their crypto.

5. Starting your crypto business

If you need additional cryptocurrency revenue, you might want to try starting your own business. After all, the most successful path to financial success is through entrepreneurship. In reality, you don’t need to launch a business based on digital assets because almost any firm may become a crypto one once it begins accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. You might, for example, start selling garments online and take cryptocurrencies as payment. It’s one of the simplest methods to make money with cryptocurrency, especially if you already have a company.

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