WordPress Vs Simvoly: Which Content Management System Is Better?

In my earlier article: WordPress Vs Simvoly; WordPress Wins hands down! I compare the two technologies to see which one can provide your company with the most benefit. Simvoly has definitely come a long way in their development. But from a customer perspective, are they any better than WordPress? In this new WordPress vs Simvoly webinar, you will learn how they compare.

WordPress: WordPress has been around longer then Simvoly and has many more user friendly features. One of the key things that differentiate WordPress from Simvoly is the platform support. WordPress runs on several different platforms including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. This versatility allows WordPress to be hosted on multiple servers and supported in all kinds of environments. WordPress provides the best support from cms and hosting companies.

WordPress has been built to scale. The number of themes and plugins available for WordPress provide extensive functionality and add great value to your websites. WordPress is also very easy to install and use. The extensive documentation and online help provided makes it easy to quickly learn and get started with WordPress. While WordPress offers some of the best blogging features available today, it lacks in other areas, especially in commerce brands and ecommerce software integration.

WordPress and Simvoly both offer the ability to publish to RSS feed and Google XML formats. Simvoly has an internal content manager webflow system that integrates with the rest of their software. WordPress uses a built in CMS system. This feature allows you to easily update your blogs without needing to modify or re-install the entire WordPress platform.

WordPress and Simvoly both offer a simple, fast and easy to use website builder. The WordPress website builder is a simplified WYSIWYG editor. It allows you to build a basic website in less than half an hour. Once the basic website is built, WordPress offers a simple content management system with an extensive library of templates, plug-ins, galleries, and more. WordPress allows complete customization to your blog pages and allows you to perform text, image and video formatting.

WordPress and Simvoly both offer WordPress SEO optimization, which helps to drive targeted traffic to your website. WordPress SEO Optimization is a set of SEO tricks and tips that allow you to get your website noticed by potential customers and search engines. WordPress has built in SEO optimization tools that can improve your rankings on major search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Simvoly offers similar SEO optimization tricks and tips that are easily customizable. Simvoly also offers a full database of user plugins that can be easily added to WordPress and it is free to add these.

WordPress and Simvoly both offer a complete suite of technical support that includes online tutorials, FAQs, product support and more. WordPress offers a simple to use theme engine and has a very intuitive user interface that allows you to build your own site with little to no training. Simvoly offers a more extensive set of tutorials that includes web hosting plans, domain names, web design, WordPress hosting and more.

WordPress and Simvoly have both been in business for several years and both have an active and passionate user base. If you want a blogging platform with powerful search engine optimization tools and a full suite of web designing and content management tools, then WordPress and Simvoly are both great choices. Both WordPress and Simvoly have their strong points and weaknesses and you will need to determine which features you need in your personal website based on your needs. Both offer a wide range of features that can make your website stand out and provide you with a great amount of flexibility.

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